• Narrower still and narrower shall thy budgets be set.


    Our apologies to Arthur Christopher Benson, the English essayist, poet, author and the 28th Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, the man who supplied the lyrics to the magnificent “Land of Hope and Glory” and of course to Sir Edward William Elgar, Bart, OM, GCVO the composer.

    Our source is of course line three of the chorus; “Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set;”

    Mr Benson’s words applied to our Empire at its height. The title of this British Gazette article applies to our ever shrinking financial capacity to take on the ever widening commitments entered into by our dishonest and treasonous politicians of which Cameron is merely the latest example.

    The image of course is of Cameron surrounded by young people in Liberia on his recent trip there where he promised ever increasing amounts of British taxpayers money. Britain is one of the few countries in the world committed to the United Nations target of having a foreign aid budget equal to 0.7%o of GDP.

    There are of course many readers who ho will be very quick to point out that the UK is very well off compared to Liberia and those who claim poverty in the UK are an order of magnitude better off than those who would class themselves as poor in such as Liberia.

    This is of course the point that Cameron himself makes.

    But then Cameron is not giving the British People the REAL reason why this country is contributing so much – at a time when other budgets are being cut.

    But them it will come as no surprise to British Gazette readers that a man who would willingly break his Most Solemn Oath to ensure that no Foreign Prince, Potentate or Power shall have precedence in this Land, is as similarly dishonest with the British people as he is with Her Majesty the Queen.

    So, why does this government, like its predecessor, give so much aid to such as Liberia?

    The answer is this: To keep its status as a Veto holding Permanent Member of the Security Council.

    This also requires the UK to help fight what the US foreign policy experts called “bush wars”. It is clear to all that notwithstanding the protestations to the contrary, the overstretched British Army is going to be deployed to the Maghreb-Sahel (see map below):This of course when Cameron is overseeing a REDUCTION in the army’s strength.

    But then as George Galloway put is so well on BBC Radio Four’s “Any Questions”: Not only is Cameron Obama’s DOG, he is the France’s [The EU’s] POODLE.

    Cameron is that most puerile of TRAITORS; a man who will do the bidding of all except his Lawful Masters; HM the Queen and the British People.

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