• Chris Huhne: the fall.

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    The British Gazette takes no pleasure at Chris Huhne’s fall.

    In the past we have castigated this man for his support of the greatest scam (Climate Change) perpetrated against the British People.

    We do not retract one word of the criticism we have previously made.

    We do however suggest that there are many at liberty tonight who have committed exactly the same offence as Chris Huhne. We would also suggest that in helping to promote the Climate Change Scam, Chris Huhne has – along with others such as the present leader of the Liberal Democrats and the present leader of the Conservatives and the present leader of the Labour party – committed a far greater offence than this minor offence.

    There is no doubt that Chris’ Huhne is facing a prison sentence. Probably of three months. He is likely to serve half this in a Category D or open prison after a couple of weeks in a Category C prison. The Editor has experience of prison – not as a guest of Her Majesty but as an employee of a supplier to Her Majesty – and can advise the Reader that for a middle aged middle class man who has never before being subject to the criminal Justice System, a period of imprisonment – even six weeks – is generally a shattering experience. This will adversely affect Chris Huhne’s health.

    • Good riddance to an arrogant climate change believer. It is ironic that he has been caught by one of his government’s extraordinary delusions used to persecute citizens and raise huge amounts of money and often ruining their lives, as in this case. The delusion is that exceeding the speed limit causes more than a tiny number of accidents. The law also contravenes a fundamental principle; a person should not be coerced into self incrimination.

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