• Cold Comfort.


    The above image was taken on the USCGC Eagle during a storm in the North Atlantic.

    As the former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and MP for Eastleigh Chris Huhne contemplates his forthcoming incarceration he should be aware that not only does his career lie in ruins but his beloved theory of global warming and the idea that the CO2 emissions from his former constituent’s cars are threatening the planet’s existence is running into the ground.

    Yesterday, the US based Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) announced that the North Atlantic Ocean has entered a period of decades-long decline in temperatures which will accelerate the rapidly advancing new cold climate era.

    North Atlantic temperatures are most often tied to the rise and fall of temperatures observed in the cyclical Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO). The SSRC has just finished an analysis of temperature trends and other research associated with the AMO. It has concluded that the AMO zone of the northern Atlantic Ocean, roughly between Europe, Greenland, and New England in the USA, has begun its cyclical drop from a past period of warming and has now started a long term decline in temperatures that will last for several decades.

    Effects of this change in the Atlantic are likely to add to the coming cold climate era with the production of more severe, longer and deeper winter weather for the northern hemisphere and especially for Europe and Asia. The North Atlantic, according to the SSRC, is not expected to begin warming again until the 2040’s.

    The Space and Science Research Corporation, (SSRC) is an independent scientific research organization in Orlando, Florida, USA. It has become the leading research organization in the United States on the subject of the science and planning for the next climate change to a long lasting cold era especially with regard to alerting the government, the media, and the people of the need to prepare for this new climate era.

    In addition to the cold weather of this new climate era, the SSRC also believes along with other scientists and geologists, that there is strong likelihood of record volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that will take place during this next climate change. All of these predicted events are the result of the recently started ’solar hibernation,’ a dramatic reduction in the energy output of the Sun.

    It’s staff of Supporting Researchers includes some of the world’s best in the fields of solar physics and geology including earthquake science and volcanism.

    The SSRC and its President, Mr. John L. Casey, have an established record of accuracy in climate change predictions using the Relational Cycle Theory or RC Theory of climate change, a theory based on solar cycles as the main drivers behind the Earth’s variations in climate.
    GOTO: www.spaceandscience.net
    British Gazette comment:
    This is VERY bad news. It means that the UK may experience weather worse that it experienced in 2012: Wet summers and cold winters. This will of course bring about floods and even greater electricity demand. All at a time when the idiotic politicians are spending billions on constructing wind turbines in the middle of the North Sea – that break down after a couple of years and need replacing in little over a decade – and yet more billions on the grandiose EU High Speed rail project. Of course this vast amount of money should be used to build gas powered generating stations burning Lancashire shale gas – giving MUCH lower fuel bills – and some proper flood defences.

    The lunacy of the Europhile Climate Change fraudsters will of course be undone when the country is stuck with the disastrous combination of power cuts, floods and sky high food prices. At that point, hopefully, the British People will at long last have had enough.

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