• US (BUT NOT UK) drivers are next in line to benefit from Shale Gas.

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    Whilst the delusional Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey continues to fantasise about constructing 30,000 wind turbines in the middle of the North Sea to replace the electricity generated by the Drax power station, those of us not living in La-La Land but in the Real World are wondering when it will be that the shale gas reserves in the UK will begin to be exploited on a scale other than the experimental.

    Latest indications are that the amount of shale gas in the British Isles has been significantly under-estimated and we could have even more – much more than previous optimistic predictions.

    If the powers that be are prepared to take on the what will be fanatically organised resistance of the Green brigades – something we consider extremely unlikely until the UK’s population are driven to absolute exasperation by rolling power-cuts – indications are that not only will UK produced shale gas be able to supply all UK electrical power generation needs, but that it will be physically practical and economically feasible to convert this gaseous fuel into a liquid form for use as a road fuel.

    This holds out the prospect that the UK will not only be entirely self sufficient in the energy it needs to generate all the electricity it needs and also to replace the current natural gas (that is presently used industrially and domestically) with shale gas, but that the UK will become self sufficient in road fuels as well.

    That this is possible is clearly indicated by the report below:


    The implications for the future prosperity, balance of payments and energy security of the UK are clear.

    Of course, what is needed to exploit this wonderful new resource is courage to take on what we repeat will be organised and fanatical resistance from the Green brigades. This resistance will take on predictable forms. We will have well funded legal challenges at every stage of the planning and construction process. This in and of itself could effectively stop the UK shale gas boom before it begins. In addition to this we will have numerous direct action and civil disobedience campaigns by the Green brigades. Be in now doubt: the resistance will be determined, well funded and persistent.

    The only practical way to defeat this is by radical legislation to allow for the rapid exploitation of shale gas and for anti-protest powers to be given to the police – the numbers of which will have to be radically increased.

    This will inevitably lead to a confrontation not only between protestors and security forces on the streets but in the European Court of Human rights which will undoubtedly declare the UK will be in breach of its obligations. This will have to be ignored.

    This of course will have international consequences. Germany – a country even more under the Green thumb that the UK – will deplore such actions. This is where a British Prime Minister will require the courage displayed by Sir Winston Churchill. A furious – nay incandescent – German Chancellor will have to be faced down. The Chancellor of Germany will have to be told – in no uncertain terms – that any attempt by Germany to halt or interfere with the UK’s plans to establish for itself energy security, will have serious consequences.

    This of course in and of itself is a most serious problem as the British Gazette does not know of any UK currently elected politician capable of doing this. The Editor does know certain patriotic individuals with whom he is personally acquainted and is confident that these patriots could and would rise to the challenge were they ever to take the Oath of Privy Councillor. An oath we know that these individuals would honour.

    • I take it Mr Editor that you were quite deliberate in your choice of the phrase “serious consequences” as in diplomatic speak this means actions such as economic and political measures. The term “very serious consequences” is of course diplomatic speak for war.

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