• Nuts! Nuts! Ground up Nuts! They mix ‘em with water and…………..


    No, the Editor has not gone mad! Well not yet!

    The above image is of a substance called walnut grit. It is what it says: ground up walnut shells.

    And now for something completely different!

    You know Dear Reader of the dissembling our treasonous and felonious politicians get up to. You may recall how the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat (aka the BBC) have alluded in the past to the “chemicals” used in the hydraulic fracking of shale gas deposits.

    The word “chemicals” is of course quite deliberately used by the BBC to lead the viewers and listeners into thinking that those big bad oil companies are pumping horrible and dangerous chemicals into the bowels of the Earth which will [inevitably] end up polluting the drinking water with deadly poisons and putting the entire planet at risk!!!!!!!

    Err…. Not quite!!!!!

    Yet again, it falls to the British Gazette to Speak the Truth unto the Nation – because of course the TRAITORS who are masquerading as the government of this formerly sovereign land refuse to do just that!!!!!! So it falls to Yours Truly!!!!!

    Well the British Gazette can reveal what the “chemical” that the oil companies use mixed with the water in the hydraulic fracking process is: Yes! You’ve guessed it! Ground up walnut shells!

    It must be said that inert plastic beads are also sometimes used.

    So there you have it!

    Now everybody can sleep more soundly in their beds at night.

    Except of course our treasonous and felonious politicians who must surely know that one day justice will catch up with them!

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