• Say “NO!” to Smart Meters.

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    Today’s article is a public health awareness issue. Above is a video which the British Gazette would urge readers to view and to take heed. Below is a hypertext link to the United Kingdom’s campaign against these devices.


    The one thing that British Gazette readers will need no reminding of is that the Quisling administration and powers that be have not been truthful about this subject. No surprise there then!

    • So glad to see you highlighting this further menace to our health and our pockets. I have been aware of this problem for sometime now but have yet to find anyone else who understands the full implications of these meters. The most people seem to know is that it won’t need anyone to come and read the meters! The rest of the information to be found on the highly recommended website link you give above, will alarm all who read it.
      Stop Smart Meters UK have an excellent leaflet that I have been giving out in order to open the eyes of as many people as possible. Having taken advantage of the link that allows you to register your refusal to have these meters installed, it is interesting to read the replies from the companies in defence of their push to have them installed.

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