• Miss Laura Wright: One of “Equality’s” victims.


    Many British Gazette readers will harbour a healthy distrust of the agenda of “political correctness” and the obsession of this nation’s governing coterie with “Equality” – being determined to pursue a policy of “equal opportunities” even where common sense would dictate otherwise. But then, lest us not forget, these are the same coterie of nincompoops who intend to spend £100 billion on constructing 30,000 wind turbines in the middle of the North Sea which will only generate the same electricity as does the Drax power station a replacement of which could be built at a tiny fraction of the cost.

    So far as Miss Wright is concerned, we would draw your attention to an article in today’s Daily Mail newspaper here:

    We have included some extracts below, as well as using the image of Miss Wright above that is the copyright of the photographer Murray Sanders.

    Herewith extracts from the Daily Mail article: “Miss Wright is currently in her final year studying Opera at the Royal College of Music after winning a scholarship. Since then she has sold more than 2.5million copies of her debut album, The Last Rose, and released a second, Glorious.”

    “She was appointed England’s first official anthem singer last year after performing at Twickenham and at Wembley for football’s Champion League and FA Cup finals.”

    “While attending the 16,000-a-year Framlingham College near Woodbridge, Suffolk, where she had a scholarship, she captained the school’s hockey, netball and tennis teams. She also went on to represent the East of England at hockey and competed in the national athletics school championships by throwing the javelin.”

    “Miss Wright, who has also sung in front of the Queen, says that she had to make a decision whether to embark on a career singing or following her sporting ambitions.”

    “For the 22-year-old is not only the England team’s official anthem singer, but she also plays full-back for Rosslyn Park Ladies…”

    British Gazette comment: Rugby is not and should not be a game for women. No ifs, no buts. Period. This is not to say that the British Gazette does not support sportswomen. It does. We would urge Miss Wright to abandon a game she admittedly enjoys and take up again those sports that she so clearly enjoyed; hockey and throwing the javelin. Of the two, we would suggest the javelin more than hockey.

    In commenting thus, we make no criticism whatsoever of Miss Wright. No, we reserve our condemnation to a system that has caused an attractive and talented young woman to put her safety, her health and her future career prospects at risk for the sake of a corrupted and distorted philosophy.

    Miss Wright should be aware that if she wishes to pursue a career as a professional singer she has clearly got a particular asset; she is a very attractive young lady. It is a fact, but for Miss Wright, her undoubted good looks, are an important factor in ensuring she has success in her career as a singer. Here the British Gazette has some sympathy with those militant feminists who deprecate the necessary importance of physical attractiveness for a woman’s success – as opposed to the situation so far was we men are concerned.

    This is why the British Gazette would suggest caution so far as the game of hockey is concerned. Readers may very well recall the bravery of one of the women in our Ladies Olympic Hockey team carrying on with a broken jaw – an injury acquired during the match. Clearly such an injury would be disasterous for a singer.

    We would therefore suggest to Miss Wright that she does not take part in sporting activities that present a clear and present danger to her singing career.

    Going on from this, the game of rugby itself is well known for causing severe injuries – including paralysis due to broken necks. Other less serious injuries are cauliflower ears and broken noses. Readers may well know friends colleagues and acquaintances sporting such tokens from their rugby playing days. Such blemishes would severely hamper a lady’s career.

    Of the game of rugby (Union) the Editor can speak from first hand experience. He played for his House at school. Whereas Miss Wright plays full back, the Editor – then a slender youth – played fly half, largely due to the fact that he was the fastest of two boys (in the whole school) at the 100 yards (91.44 metres, Derek). The other boy – also in the same house was the team’s other fly half. The Editor well remembers picking up the inevitable injuries – including concussion. We would therefore urge Miss Wright to think again.

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