• Diane James, UKIP’s candidate in Eastleigh: On course to win?

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    Eastleigh is a railway town in Hampshire. It is also the scene of feverish political activity as polling day approaches on Thursday, the last day of the month. Could that mean that on the first day of March, St David’s Day, we could see a Member of Parliament advocating lawful government in this formerly sovereign land?

    By that we mean of course UKIP’s candidate, Diane James. A link to her website is below:
    The British Gazette earnestly hopes so.
    The British Gazette would urge any reader who is within reasonable travelling distance of Eastleigh to put themselves forward and volunteer to help Diane in these last days.
    Of course the Tories and the Lib-Dems have pulled out all the stops. The defection of Marta Andreasen to the Tories is of course a boost for the Tory campaign. It is clear that Marta Andreasen’s defection was timed in an attempt to embarrass UKIP and to try and pull back some support that has been leeching to UKIP. Other than this, we will not comment other than to suggest the reader should read the comments of Ian Dale, below:
    Ironically, the First Past the Post system could help UKIP here as all (and it is a very very big all) Diane has to do is to collect the largest number of votes. The Liberal Democrats are putting up a tremendous fight and they have the resources – the man power (Sorry! Person Power!) and they have most of the seats on the council. Their problems are of course the conviction of Mr Huhne and voter dissatisfaction with the Lib-Dems due to the state of the economy. This of course should affect the Tories and it is doing so. In seats such as Eastleigh, many of those who would have voted Labour, vote Lib Dem to keep out the Tory. Labour have assisted the Lib Dems by selecting Mr John O’Farrell. We suggest the reader should read the Daily Mail article below:

    Of the candidates prospects of success the Independent states: “The latest poll inside the constituency by Populus for The Times put the Lib Dem candidate, Mike Thornton, clearly ahead on 33 per cent, the Tories on 28 per cent, UKIP on 21 per cent and Labour fourth on 11 per cent. But analysis by UK Polling Report’s Anthony Wells revealed that those numbers included allocating “don’t knows” to parties based on how they voted in 2010. Mr Wells said that once they are discounted, the Lib Dems are on 31 per cent, the Tories 26 per cent and UKIP close behind on 25 per cent. Labour is on 12 per cent. Those canvassing for votes in Eastleigh said they were struck by how much support there had been for UKIP.”

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