• Mr Justice Sweeney: What planet are you living on?

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    Mr Justice Sweeny is the Crown Court Judge who handed 8 month sentences to Christopher Huhne and Vicky Pryce at Southwark Crown Court today for perverting the course of justice.

    He said: “You have fallen from a great height, albeit that that is only modest mitigation given that it is a height that you would never have achieved if you had not hidden your commission of such a serious offence in the first place.”

    British Gazette Comment: Errr……….. Excuse me Mr Justice Sweeny. Ap-per-pro, Mr Huhne, what about the offences of High Treason for persuading Her Majesty the queen to govern in a peculiar manner (handing the government of the nation over to a foreign power)? What about High Treason for ensuring that a Foreign Power (the EU) has precedence in this land? What about Perjury for breaking his Privy Councillor’s Oath? What about Perjury for breaking his Parliamentary Oath?

    • You may very well have a point, Editor, but realistically, Huhne had been arraigned on the charge of perverting the course of justice in relation to his then wife “taking the points.” So far as that charge is concerned, 8 months even if he serves a quarter of it released on tag and home curfew, is completely over the top. Seeing Assistant Chief Constable Gary Beautridge from Essex Police go on about “this is a very serious offence….” Yeh, right! If you are a part of the oppressive establishment worried about loosing revenue form the roadside revenue raisers (AKA safety cameras). The authorities have admitted that many motorists have done what Huhne and Pryce have done. And – let us ignore Huhne and Pryce – it is very understandable to see why. Imagine a self employed sole trader plumber – the man with a (smallish) van – a driving ban of whatever duration would cause havoc. If he gets his wife to “take the points” the household income and mortgage payments can be maintained. It is said that this is a victimless crime. Not so! The victim in these cases is the despotic state that governs us. That is why the authorities prattle on about it being a “very serious crime” – it is! For them! If any offence can be said to be ideal for a Community Service Order, this is it! But of course a CSO does not have the same deterrent effect!

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