• Not long now.

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    The above image has been chosen as it resembles a popular clock in Germany.

    The sequestration of up to 60 percent of moneys in accounts exceeding 100,000 Euros is clearly the signature on the Death Warrant of the Euro. Unless there is a sudden, fundamental and miraculous change in human nature this move will inevitably result at some point in the future in a series of bank runs in countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Greece. Italy and France will follow.

    Please note: the reason why the Eurocrats are so keen to keep these countries inside the Eurozone is that the Treaty of Lisbon stipulates that withdrawal from the Eurozone means withdrawal from the EU.

    This is something of course the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat do not wish the British People to know. Thus it again falls to the British Gazette to Speak the Truth unto the Nation.

    • Oh how they will wish they had developed an organised transition… The end indeed, but the beginning of what?

      Stand by for chaos beyond imagination and thank the Brussels mob for presiding over it.

      Our poor kids.

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