• Gas jobs, not Green jobs.

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    We are sure British Gazette readers are by now getting rather sick and tired of hearing the broadcast journalists of the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat prattling on about “green jobs” – these being the uneconomic “make work” schemes that result in such as wind turbines been erected in the middle of the North Sea and photovoltaic cash machines (sorry, solar panels) installed on the roofs of the well to do middle classes – these being but two examples of the current lunacy.

    It comes therefore as a refreshing change to hear Lord Browne, now of Cuadrilla Resources (formerly of BP), state that in his opinion up to 50,00 jobs could be created in what should still be the County Palatine of Lancashire if the government allows the full exploitation of the vast shale gas reserves. Lancashire needs those jobs. Jobs that are not reliant on artificial subsidies.

    This however will require the Climate Change Secretary Mr Ed Davy to put the needs of the people of Lancashire and all those poor people in fuel poverty across the UK before the sectional interests of the Green industry and of course all those woolly jumper and plastic sandal wearing bearded vegans at the Liberal Democratic Party Conference. Some hope!

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