• Nuclear Power: A DRAMATIC development.


    Above: the solution to the problem of nuclear decommissioning and nuclear waste re-processing and storage.

    Please follow this link: http://www.the-weinberg-foundation.org/2013/04/05/how-thorium-can-solve-the-nuclear-waste-problem-in-conventional-reactors/

    British Gazette comment: Most British Gazette readers will know that the factor that is responsible for a large proportion of the cost of nuclear electricity is the costs associated with handling the waste and decommissioning the reactors at the end of their working lives. Well it seems that a bright young man at Cambridge University has come up with a solution to BOTH problems.

    This must surely be one of the most significant discoveries/developments in the past 100 years. Why? Because it DRAMATICALLY reduces the cost of nuclear electricity.

    Some British Gazette readers will be of an age which enables them to remember the overly optimistic claims put around in the mid to late 1950s about how cheap nuclear power was going to be. Some even exaggerated to such an extent to claim that it would be cheaper to give the electricity away rather than to pay thousands of meter readers to take meter readings.

    What these overly optimistic calculations DID NOT take into account was of course the cost of dealing with the aforementioned waste and the decommissioning costs. Well it now seems there is a cost effective solution to these two major problems.

    This of course means that the potential future cost of nuclear electricity using this new technology will be much lower. On a par with shale gas?

    Since this young man is British and working in Cambridge, you might think that Messrs. Cameron and Clegg would be beating a path to his door. But alas no! That would be to credit these two nincompoops with a degree of basic common sense. So here we have a revolutionary world beating BRITISH development that seems destined to be buried by the ridiculous delusional Greens such as Mr Ed Davy or exploited by foreigners.

    Expect to see the Chinese or Indians pick up and run with this idea. Expect to see British companies left behind and finding themselves paying vast royalties to the Chinese or Indians. Expect to see these costs past on to you Dear Reader in your electricity bills.

    The truly depressing thing is this: that such a clever people are led by such stupid leaders.

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