• Is there intelligent life on Earth? Apparently not in the Palace of Westminster!


    From the goings on of the ridiculous coterie of traitors we have running the country, apparently not!

    Those who will have read the excellent Christopher Booker’s column in today’s Sunday Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/green-motoring/9974943/Beware-the-wrong-kind-of-Leafs-on-the-road.html will probably be trying very hard not to pull their hair out in exasperation at the unworldly idiocy of such as David Cameron and the even greater idiot, the pathetic Ed Davy.

    How can any adult who can be deemed mentally capable of managing their own affairs – let alone the affairs of the nation – can possibly regard the following as a plausible and sensible idea?

    That we construct 30,000 wind turbines in the middle of the North Sea at a cost of £100 billion. That by the time the last of these are completed, the first of them have come to the end of their service lives, thus the whole construction programme has to be continued indefinitely. That these can only reliably generate the output of the Drax Power station. That the excess energy (at times where the energy is not required) of these wind turbines can be stored in the batteries of electric cars whose batteries can be used by the grid when the wind turbines are not generating.

    Where does one start?

    Were David Cameron, Nicholas Clegg and Ed Day – together with the hapless Ed Miliband – actually believed this nonsense, there would be a question over the extent of their guilt as regards their felony crime of High Treason. This is because they would be clearly incapable of rational thought and should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. British Gazette readers however know that these men are not mad but just bad. They fully and cynically realise that the monstrous fraud they are perpetrating against the British People will result in many elderly and frail people loosing their lives. Their sheer greed however causes them to ignore this. Justice must prevail. These men should be arrested, charged, tired and if convicted sent to prison.

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