• Science FACT: A pendulum swings BOTH ways!


    Above, diagram of a simple pendulum.

    The growth of multiculturalism across Europe that started in some countries shortly after World War Two and has spread across the continent has brought about a fundamental demographic change across the continent. This, combined with falling birth rates amongst indigenous communities, increasing numbers of immigrants from places such as the Asian subcontinent and Africa who not only possess a racial difference but a religious and cultural difference too are literally changing the nature of the societies in Europe.

    This process has benefits; they are almost exclusively economic and short term. Which of course why big business – which makes the large contributions to political parties – are so much in favour of it!

    Of course many poor unemployed people have complain about this over many years. However there has been in more recent times a trend of recruiting educated, highly skilled, professionally qualified migrants. A classic beneficiary of this has been the UK’s NHS. Left wing and liberal supporters of large scale immigration and multiculturalism repeatedly point out how important these people are to the NHS. They are of course correct! What these naive people FAIL to accept is that this can have negative consequences!

    This is because one of the disadvantages of multiculturalism is the danger of INSTABILITY.

    Instability is a concern of all RESPONSIBLE politicians. If a nation seeks economic prosperity it is MOST important to reduce INSTABILITY.

    Instability of course takes many forms. For instance a country like Japan with a high degree of social stability – of which it’s homogeneous population is a large contributory factor – suffers from the frequency of earthquakes – many of which have been severe. Japan deals with this through stringent building regulations. Building to resist severe earthquakes adds greatly to building costs.

    Severe earthquakes are not a problem for a county such as South African which has the benefit of being in one of the most geologically stable areas on the planet. South Africa does have “earthquakes” from time to time but they are not of the geological variety. More the social and economic variety. Happily, for the members of South Africa’s political class “earthquakes” of social and economic variety can be dealt with. Sadly, for the members of Japan’s political class “earthquakes” of the geological variety can only be dealt with by the Almighty!

    Thus it can generally be assumed that instability is a BAD thing and stability is a GOOD thing. There will of course be those imaginative souls who will be able to point out contradictions!

    Thus the encouragement of persons from all corners of the earth to settle in one’s country producing a society of many faiths and languages can be said to introduce the long term danger of instability. Those supportive of the policy (of multiculturalism) will point out the benefits; the great choice of restaurants for instance.

    One of the negative consequences of multiculturalism in Europe we are beginning to witness is the increase in the assertiveness of some of the newly arrived cultures. From the 1950s through to the 1980s the U.K. heard relatively little from militant Muslims. Today, the situation has changed radically. This is a natural development borne out by three factors:
    1. An increase in the numbers of Muslims.
    2. A natural tendency for those born here to be more assertive in declaring how they would like to see the country develop.
    3. A refusal by the authorities that this is in any way a problem.

    It is of course a problem precisely because the different communities in the UK – and this is repeated across Europe – are very different from each other – in their social mores, their dress codes and their customs! In and of itself this need not be a problem. It is however increasingly becoming a problem as some members of one of these communities (the Muslim) are becoming increasingly vociferous about the social mores, dress codes and customs of some members of what can now be termed as the indigenous community.

    To date, many in the indigenous community have taken a tolerant attitude to this and are critical of those members who have not taken this approach. This “tolerant” attitude is one that has been encouraged by the authorities who frequently denounce those such as Mr Griffin of the BNP who would take another view.

    The problem Europe has is that as this problem grows and gets worse support for those as Mr Griffin will over the long term increase. Many in the political establishment across Europe make the mistake that their “world view” will always prevail. This is foolish. They should consider political opinion as a pendulum – it swings back and forth over time.

    An excellent example of how such as Mr Griffin will increasingly be regarded as “mainstream” is below:

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