• Bitte mein Führerin…. Ich kann haben einige mehr? (Please my leader, can I have some more?)

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    Today we see the man masquerading as a British Prime Minister of the supposedly sovereign state that is the UK go with begging bowl in hand to the German Chancellor at her official residence, Schloss Meseburg to ask the same question…..

    British Gazette readers will note that he is not asking for ALL the sovereign powers to be returned, only SOME. Frau Doktor Merkel is said to be considering the request.

    • BG followers may care to look at the Ironies Too site for April 10th; Apprentice Despot Cameron cannot contemplate EU withdrawal. In Spain, he is asked by reporters (on the 9th) if he holds promised referendum on continued membership and we say NO, will he honour the result and withdraw? the response is on Twitter which I don’t do, but according to this blog he says, “I would not”.
      Can you verify this and if it is correct, spread it far and wide?

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