• Letter to the Editor: Mr Jack Lewis



    Yet more treason has been committed by our Government! Even the criminals who run the EU could see how dangerous this development would be! The U.K. was warned that, under a new law amendment in Washington, the CIA will be able to access all UK Government data.

    Britain’s ambitious plans to store all government data on the so-called G-Cloud have led to warnings from the European Union that security will be compromised now that U.S. intelligence agencies have the legal right to survey all data held on U.S. owned Cloud services. This means that U.S. intelligence agencies will soon be able to trawl through all British Government documents stored online including ministerial files, local authority records and public sector data. This is thanks to an unchallenged amendment to a spy law in Washington.

    If the Government decide go ahead with this then surely it will be a violation of the Official Secrets Act by allowing a foreign power to access British secret information. Spies have been hanged for doing this in the past!
    How long are the British people going to put up with this level of treachery from their own Government? For more information see this website: www.englishconstitutiongroup.org

    Jack Lewis
    Isle of Ely

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