• Better a clown than a traitor.


    Above, veteran singer-songwriter, actress, writer, film producer, and director Barbra Streisand in a performance of “Send in the Clowns.”

    Tory traitor Kenneth Clarke has somewhat put his Hush Puppy clad feet into it by accusing UKIP “a collection of clowns” stating that UKIP had no positive policies and was just “against” foreigners.

    Err……. Excuse me?

    How is returning lawful sovereign government to this formerly sovereign land NOT a positive policy?

    Well, of course it depends on your perspective. From the perspective of a traitor who has committed perjury by breaking not only his own Privy Council Oath, but also his Parliamentary Oath and being a member of a government that has caused Her Majesty the Queen to govern the country in a peculiar manner, placing the Sovereign in breach of her Coronation Oath to govern us according to OUR laws and customs, and NOT those of the foreign power known as the European Union – this being a collective act of HIGH TREASON – presumably not!

    Bye the way, UKIP says it has evidence that smears about its candidates are being spread by Conservative Central Office, which it claims has been trawling would-be UKIP councillors’ Twitter and Facebook pages for months.

    These are typical Tory tactics. When the Tories are up against it, they play dirty. For instance, in a hard fought contest in Honiton, Devon during the 1931 General Election, the Tories seeking to elect Sir Cedric Drew, KCVO – the former member Sir Arthur Clive Morrison-Bell, Bart. retiring – put a rumour out that the Liberal candidate was an unfrocked priest. This was a LIE. The Liberal candidate had trained for the priesthood but did not take his vows and pursued another career instead. Same dirty tactics. Same dirty Tories. Interestingly, the election was held on Tuesday 27th October 1931, the last in the United Kingdom not held on a Thursday. It was also the last election, and the only one under universal suffrage, where one party (the Tories) received an absolute majority of the votes cast.

    • Methinks the ‘gent’ do protesteth too much. Abuse is a sure sign they have no valid argument and must be in a panic over the expected results. It’s starting to look interesting.


    • Smear and lie away when worried. Keep at ‘em Nigel!

    • The only traitors are those that break the act of settlement 1701 – it applies to the monarch and to the “subjects”. True.

      Anyone that gives allegiance to the kween in her forfeited state ( she broke s 1 & 2 of the Act ) is a TRAITOR.

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