• Some advice for Mr Cameron.


    In yesterday’s Daily Mail, columnist Simon Heffer, employing his usual eloquence lamented the fortunes of the Tory Party after the triumph of UKIP in the recent local elections.

    Mr Heffer’s analysis (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2319152/SIMON-HEFFER-Theres-way-Dave-stub-Farage.html) was substantially near the mark. Simon Heffer of course along with the Daily Mail is a traditional supporter of the Tory Party. Naturally, he would want to see the party he supports avert itself from disaster.

    The British Gazette has no regrets about being a spectator whilst the Tory Party commits electoral suicide! In fact we are rather of the opinion that this is what should happen. Let Cameron and his band of Notting Hill loving, Polly Toynbee admiring supporters pursue the course they are now on. Let them (with votes from the Labour Party) put through the legislation allowing people of the same sex to contract a civil marriage. Let them keep the pact with the Liberal Democrats until May 2015. Then let both members of the coalition face the judgment of the electorate.

    Given the nature of the “First Past the Post” electoral system which David Cameron so fervently supports, the outcome, whilst two years from May 2015 cannot be predicted, can reasonably be guessed at.

    Between now and the election it is reasonable to speculate on some likely happenings.

    In January 2014 we will see the beginning of a new inrush of migrants from the poorer parts of the EU and witness the Tories wring their hands like the eunuchs they are as they are completely unable to do anything about it!

    On Thursday 22nd May 2014, the elections for the European Parliament will take place in the UK. It is entirely likely that UKIP will do extraordinarily well in England and could emerge with more seats than the Tories!

    On Thursday 18th September 2014 (incidentally what would have been the Editor’s parents Diamond wedding anniversary) the referendum will take place in Scotland on the question of independence. It is likely that the Scots will vote to stay in the union.

    On Thursday, 7th May 2015, the General Election will take place. It is unlikely to take place earlier as Liberal Democrats, like turkeys, do not vote for an early Christmas! It is entirely possible that the Labour Party will do very well indeed in Scotland and Wales and sweep aside all Liberal Democrat and Tory MPs. It is entirely possible that UKIP will do very well in terms of votes in English constituencies.

    If the above happens, it is highly likely that most of the votes gained by UKIP will be taken from those who would have voted Tory and it is entirely possible that whilst UKIP won’t win any seats at Westminster, they will have succeeded in allowing the Labour Party to form a government.

    The Labour government formed by Mr Miliband in May 2015 is very likely to be one that will possess a majority equal to or smaller than the combined number of seats Labour have in Scotland and Wales. It is also likely that the Liberal Democrats will do very badly indeed. This will mean that Mr Milband’s Labour government will be in the invidious position of governing England through its Scottish and Welsh members who will, in order for Mr Milband to get his programme through, vote on legislation which will affect England but not Scotland or Wales.

    Mr Milband will of course be fully aware of this glaring discrepancy and will seek as a matter or urgency to do something about it!

    Again, it is quite easy to guess at what Mr Milband’s solution will be and what it will NOT be!

    What it most certainly NOT be is the proper democratic answer: namely a simple Act of Parliament removing the right of Scottish and Welsh members to vote on English only issues! Were Mr Milband to pursue this course of action he would no longer be able to govern England. Mr Milnband would of course defend this stating that there could be no proper government if such a reform was undertaken. This of course is complete nonsense!

    What would and should happen is this:

    That the Queen would henceforth call upon two persons to form two governments. She would ask the leader of the largest party across the UK to be her Prime Minister of the government of the United Kingdom and she would also ask the leader of the largest party in England to form a government of England. This person should properly be the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Thus one could see a Labour Prime Minister of the UK and a Tory Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster running England.

    This of course WILL NOT happen! What is likely to happen is the awful prospect of “Regional government.” Such regional governments WILL NOT have anything like the same degree of devolved competences as the governments on Scotland and Wales. It is highly likely that many of the powers of the new regions will have powers taken from county and city councils as well as some powers devolved down from Westminster. It is also highly likely that some form of proportional representation will be used to elect the regional assemblies. Mr Milband will be most insistent on this as he will wish to see large and continuing numbers of UKIP people elected in the south, the south west and the south east of England as this will keep UKIP alive at the expense of the Tories. It is also highly likely that those elected to these regional assemblies will be salaried full time politicians.

    Of course, the winners of these reforms will be those numbers of political activists who will find themselves in new highly paid positions with gold plated pensions! Of course, the losers will be the British People who will be forced to pay for this through their taxes!

    Of course, at this point, you, Dear Reader may well be at the point of despair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However consider this: since the treasonous felons have already handed over three quarters of the government of this formerly sovereign land to a foreign power – the EU – why loose any sleep over who gets to run the remaining quarter!

    • See yesterday’s comment and now this reported in the press today.

      “Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the Euro, has called for a break-up of the single currency ”

      I just need to feel optimistic that this nonsense is falling apart. We need a plan for the “after Europe” scenario.

    • For some reason I feel quite optimistic that we shall get the “in out” referendum before too long. Of course I may wake up at any moment……. but I really do think there has been a change of great significance. I hope so.

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