• UKIP Local: Future prospects.


    Vivian Linacre asks a very good question in his letter to the Times today. Now that UKIP has established a bridgehead in many local authorities across England they have to capitalise on it. UKIP should do this by encouraging their newly elected councillors to thoroughly master their briefs insofar as the local issues in their wards and in the area are concerned. This will require – if they have not already done so – them to familiarise themselves with the issues and actions taken and proposed by the council. They will only have a very short time to do this so they will have to “get their skates on.” Hopefully, many will be fully aware of the issues and the arguments and will be able “to hit the ground running.”

    The Europhile opposition of course has lost no time in taking UKIP to task about the costs of its proposals in its 2010 National Manifesto. It is a great pity that UKIP did not draft its imaginative proposals not as a plan for government – which of course they were never going to be able to implement – but as a set of ideas indicating the sort of path they would wish to pursue with the rider that these were not intended as immediate proposals.

    What UKIP’s councillors have to realise now that the local issues they are going to face are real and not theoretical.

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