• Forbidden Fruit: Miss Kelly Brook.


    Above, there is a video of an advert for the “Lynx” man’s toiletry product featuring the famous beauty, a certain Miss Kelly Brook. Readers will note that it is a Turkish advert designed to be broadcast in Turkey. Do not expect Miss Brook to grace the UK’s TV screens in this manner anytime soon. The reason? Because it is regarded by the political thought police now in charge of this formerly sovereign land to be “demeaning to women” and “sexist.” Please note, this is because Miss Brook’s charms are designed to appeal to that most stigmatised section of the community, heterosexual men. Had the advert been designed to appeal to Lesbians, this would of course have been perfectly acceptable.

    A measure of the rapidity of the extent to which this land is descending to the level of the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah is to be found in ITV’s new sit-com, “Vicious” starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as two “Gay men.” Of course the critics of this new programme are waxing lyrical about its content. The most amusing thing about the programme was the change of name that took place before the first broadcast.
    “What was this to be have been?” We hear you ask.
    “Vicious Old Queens” is the answer!

    • For some reason the video is telling me that it is ‘at present not available, try later’ I wonder why?

    • Poor Niall Ferguson became victim to the heterophobic community when he (correctly) stated that Keynes was a homosexual (known in his lifetime as ‘the queen of Kings’) who had little concern for the future as he had no children, also correct. Keynes was a stock market gambler (rather successful as it happens) and made Kings College Cambridge a considerable amount of money. But all gambling is by default ’short term’ and always at others’ expense – just like his economic methodology.

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