• Reaching for the stars: To go boldly where no man has gone before…….

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    Readers will note the grammatical correction! We think readers will be fascinated with the above video as it MIGHT point the way as to how in the distant future humanity MIGHT reach the stars. If this comes about, I think we owe a debt of gratitude to Gene Roddenberry the creator of “Star Trek” who invented the term “warp drive” after watching the video we are sure that the reader will agree that “my starship has warp drive” sounds so much better than, “my starship has bubble drive”.

    A thought: I was in conversation recently with a lady who disclosed that she had a great fear of flying and hated going on an aeroplane. I said this: “You know, for thousands of generations, our forebears would look up into the sky and see the birds in flight. They would fantasise what it would be like to soar into the heavens and look down on the Earth below. For hundreds of thousands of years this has been a mere fantasy, a day dream. Now, for the price of a ticket we can act out that fantasy. So, next time you have to go on a plane, get that window seat and look down and do something that your ancestors could not do but always dreamed of doing.”

    We and our forebears have also fantasied about visiting other worlds around other stars. It is and will be for a long time, a fantasy, a day dream. But maybe, just maybe, we can see the direction in which out descendants will travel.

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