• Hypocrisy is the necessary burden of villainy.

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    Doctor Johnson had it right when he penned the quote that is the title of today’s article. Nigel Farage (above) also has it right to castigate the disreputable rogues who, not content with the largesse they already receive from hard pressed European taxpayers in the form of obscenely large salaries for doing very little not forgetting of course their pensions that are not so much gold plated but gilded with precious stones to boot, are taxed at a lowly 12%! Additional income from many of these rogues is stashed away in tax havens. The very havens these characters so publicly denounce!

    • The response from the Finnish MEP was typical of the mindset of those who do not live in the ‘real world’, how many EU citizens would just love to pay tax at ONLY 12%?

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