• Three sufferers from Aletheiphobia.

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    No, the above reprobates do not have an irrational fear of athletes. British Gazette readers will be aware that for each of the many mythological figures, gods and goddess that the Romans and Greeks had, there was often an equivalent.

    Aletheia was known to the Romans as Veritas. Aletheia was the spirit (daimona) of truth, truthfulness and sincerity. Her opposites were Dolos (Trickery), Apate (Deception) and the Pseudologoi (Lies).

    It is clearly obvious then that the reprobates above whose stock in trade consists almost solely of dolos, apate and pseudologoi (the origin of words such as pseudonym) should be diagnosed as suffering from Aletheiphobia.

    One of the less reported lies of these three is the REAL reason for the seemingly generous commitment of the Tories, fully supported of course by their partners in crime, the Lib Dems and endorsed by the Labour Party is to maintain the International Development Aid budget at 0.7% of GDP.

    British Gazette readers would no course not be so naive as to assume these characters are doing this out the collective goodness of their treasonous hearts. The reason is of course a little force majeure applied to recent British governments by the United Nations. It has been made abundantly clear to recent Foreign & Commonwealth secretaries by officials at the United Nations that if the UK wishes to retain its permanent membership status with veto on the Security Council then meeting the Millennium Development Goal is the price the UK taxpayer has to pay.

    These characters of course have form. British Gazette readers will not be in the least bit surprised that these reprobates have an inability to tell the truth to their electorate. After all, these three have all stood in front of their Sovereign Lady, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and have promised to ensure that no foreign prince, potentate or power shall have precedence in this land. They have also sworn to bear true allegiance to Her Majesty and to support her in keeping her Coronation Oath to ensure that we the people are governed according to our laws and customs.

    It should therefore come as no surprise to British Gazette readers that these three reprobates all support the ludicrous HS2 (High Speed Rail 2) that has now risen from £32 billion to £42 billion and is expected to cost £100 million when it is completed. This in a time of austerity!!!!!!!

    Of course any sane person not realising that HS2 is a EU commitment would have trouble fathoming why HS2 has not been cancelled. The outrageous truth is that these three reprobates are not allowed to cancel HS2!

    • The ‘Ironies Too’ site over 2 months ago was showing pictures of beautiful French countryside being decimated for their HS2. Needless to say their man on the street, doesn’t want it any more than we do and I.T, points out that a plane would be quicker and cheaper than this new overpriced real ‘Gravy Train’ expected to be used only by the Eurocrats who, subsidized by us, can afford it.

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