• An open letter to the Archdeacon of Dorking; The Venerable Julian Henderson.


    Dear Archdeacon Henderson,

    Our best wishes for your upcoming appointment as Bishop of Blackburn.

    I have read with interest the Blackburn diocese’s .PDF on Fracking (Hot potato in a Lancashire cabbage field) and would suggest that it has a fundamental flaw. That flaw is based on a false premise:
    That “climate change” is primarily caused by human activity in the form of the emission of so called “greenhouse gases.”
    You will doubtless have been advised along the lines of “….that the overwhelming scientific consensus is that human greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of climate change…..”

    Please be aware that this statement is false and that you are being misled.

    Whilst many of the “climate change” advocates are motivated by altruistic sentiment and genuinely believe their own statements, there are many who are cynically exploiting this notion for their own gain.

    There is evidence – which is largely ignored by such as the BBC (one of the main advocates of “climate change”) – that far from “warming up” the Earth is entering a period of cooling and that far from CO2 from such as the Range Rovers driven by Alderley Edge’s well-to-do, the Sun is the main driver in this.

    The effects of the climate change campaign are however severe: many poorer and elderly members of Your Flock are suffering from the rapid increase in fuel costs – driven by the subsidies paid to generate “Green Energy” – and many old folk fear the onset of winter.

    You of course will know this and will be trying to do all you can.

    You will however know of the phrase; “The Truth will out.” Be assured that the false premise of the “climate change” campaigners will be exposed as what it is: a lie and a fraud.

    It is my opinion that when historians write of this period in our nation’s history they will describe the “Great CO2 Scam” as the greatest fraud perpetrated against the British People since the South Sea Company “Bubble” burst in 1721.

    It is in the interests of the Church of England that you put distance between it and the “climate change” campaign now. That must mean that you begin to divest the church of its interests in various “green investments” such as wind farms and so forth.

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter H. Rogers.

    Editor – The British Gazette.

    • It is interesting to see the front page of the Daily Telegraph (also inside other papers), that our ‘climate change’ friend Ed Davey is furious and trying to suppress the results of a government paper that exposes the waste of money, uselessness and cost suffered by us all, of a so-called green alternative.

      I have yet to see the price to manufacture, transport and install just one wind turbine, set against the supposed benefits.

      Could it be that most of us will be dead before such as cost is recouped?

    • We need a modern version of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay, 1841. The Global Warming Scam is right up with the worst of them

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