• Oh no, you don’t! Alex Salmond!


    One of the many sad and depressing things about the political elite in this formerly sovereign land is their persistent dishonesty. A dishonesty that they will often maintain amongst them despite their political differences.

    One such piece of wholesale dissembling is the way the politicians on the “Pro Union” side of the Scottish Independence debate have allowed the Scottish Nationalists to settle the debate on their terms: Terms which are fundamentally dishonest.

    Mr Salmond and the SNP would wish for the following scenario: The Scottish People vote YES in the referendum on the 18th September, 2014. The UK Parliament then AMENDS the Act of Union of 1801 to divorce Scotland from the union and to set it up as a “so called” independent sovereign state. We say “so-called” because the SNP do not really want independence as they still wish to be governed by the European Union!

    What the SNP want is a divorce from England on the best terms possible. In this they are like any party to a divorce: They and their lawyers will seek the most advantageous settlement they can. In the SNP’s case this is to have the North Sea Oil reserves north of Latitude 55 Degrees 48 Minutes North (a short distance north of Marshall Meadows Bay on the Northumberland coast) and that’s that!

    Excuse me Mr. Salmond? Are you not forgetting something?

    Of course he is!

    Northern Ireland!

    You see, Mr Salmond wants Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband (they are all in this together) to act like stupid patsies and accept this!

    British Gazette Readers will of course recall history!

    Unlike our Dear Friends and supposed allies the Americans!

    How often do we have to hear idiots in Boston, Massachusetts shout, “England Out of Ireland!”

    What these idiots do not realise of course was that England left Ireland when the then Lord Deputy of Ireland, Queen Elizabeth’s former favourite the Earl of Essex made a pact with the Irish rebels to virtually this effect. Essex of course was recalled to London and lost his head to the axe as a result!

    No, the conquest of Ireland was achieved by Queen Elizabeth’s successor, King James VI of Scotland and I of England.

    Not for nothing did the satirists of the day call him, “The Wisest Fool in Christendom” for King James was indeed a very intelligent man. King James VI of Scotland realised full well that his new realm of England was far larger in terms of geographical size, population and economy that it would dominate the two nations. The new King wanted to even things up a little. He sought to do this by in effect creating another Scotland. He did this, acting as the King of Scotland using the then Scottish Parliament – the Estates of Scotland – to settle Protestant Scots in Ulster in a rather brutal manner in what we would now call, “ethnic cleansing.” Of course, the Irish (Roman Catholic) have never forgotten or forgiven this.

    Now, centuries later Mr Salmond wants to hang the millstone that is Northern Ireland around the necks of the English and Welsh People!

    What should really happen if the Scots vote for separation is this:

    The Act of Union is Repealed by an Act of Separation.

    This Act should establish not one but two new United Kingdoms!

    These would be the United Kingdom of Scotland and Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom of England and Wales.

    Upon the Act receiving the Royal Assent, the Scottish and Northern Irish MPs would loose their seats in the House of Commons. How they are to be represented in the Scottish Parliament is a matter for the Scottish Parliament and not the House of Commons.

    As for the SNP’s wish for Scotland to have the North Sea Oil reserves north of Latitude 55 Degrees 48 Minutes North, they should have it. After all, they will need the revenue!

    The above image is what should be the flag of the United Kingdom of England and Wales. This is a combination of the flags of St. George and St. David. The flag of the United Kingdom of Scotland and Northern Ireland should be a combination of the flags of St. Andrew and St. Patrick with a slightly broader white to allow a thin red cross of St. Patrick in the centre. I have not shown this because I am not very good with image software!

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