• Britannia rules the waves? With what? Precisely?


    Last night we heard the annual rendition of the above song, this time rendered by the excellent Irish-American Joyce DiDonato (she was born Joyce Flaherty – DiDonato is a “stage-name”) operatic lyric-coloratura mezzo-soprano, at the last night of the Promenade Concerts.

    What was interesting about last night’s performance was not what “La Didonata” sang. It was what she did not sing. Yes, we were treated to Rule Britannia but noticeably absent was her presence on stage for the annual Land of Hope. For that the audience was left to its own devices.

    Maybe the comic irony proved just a tad too much for this daughter of the Great American Republic to keep a straight face – and of course straight – metaphorically speaking – vocal chords for the runs and trills that are those essential parts of the coloratura’s trade. Doubtless this girl from the State of Kansas will have reflected upon the ludicrousness of the situation. Whereas her Great Nation has a navy capable of ruling the waves, such is now ancient history for the Royal Navy.

    The absence of her presence on stage for Land of Hope was a matter for regret for whilst any rendering of Rule Britannia has now to be regarded as farcical, let us face it, “hope” is one of the few things the British People have left.

    Yet the ludicrous nature of the Last Night of the Proms – put on by that paragon of truthful reporting, the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation – reflects the present reality. Of our treasonous politicians parading themselves on the world stage as something they are not. When David Cameron glad-hands with such as US President Barack Obama he is of course committing two great deceptions. One is the deception we have just referred to. The other is of course the deception that he is the executive head of government of an independent sovereign state – which of course he is not!

    That this pretence has been allowed to continue for so long is solely due to the fact that it is in the interests of such as the United States of America and the European Union that it should do so. Should there be a time when it is no longer in the interests of these two Great Powers that this pretence be maintained, it will not be.

    Of course, whoever is the treasonous incumbent of 10 Downing Street at the time will have absolutely no say in the matter!

    What is truly depressing is the fact that whilst this great deception is continuing the British People are paying for it, “big time” – to use an expression oft used in Kansas – in their taxes. Not only are fistfuls – or should that be bucket loads – of cash handed out every day to the European Union, lunatic sums of money are wasted on defence projects that not only amount to nothing, it is perfectly clear that they will amount to nothing shortly after they are started!

    British Gazette Readers will cringe at the memory of the Nimrod MRA-4. Then of course there is the depressing spectacle of the two aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, an artist’s impression below:It is clear that the then Secretary of State for Defence, Des Browne, was stitched up by the negotiators and lawyers for the shipbuilders, BAE Systems Surface Ships, the Thales Group and Babcock Marine as thoroughly as the Thanksgiving Turkey on the Flaherty family’s table!

    British Gazette Readers will of course know the answer to the question; “What will be the end result of this costly saga?”

    The answer of course is:

    1. The ships will be completed by the builders and the builders will be paid for their work.

    2. The British Taxpayer will foot the bill – all of it!

    3. The two ships will then be sold – probably to India or Brazil – for approximately 10% of the construction cost.

    4. Whoever is the Secretary of State for Defence at the time will blame Des Browne.

    Question the answers for which, many British Gazette Readers will not know are these:

    “Why have such as David Cameron committed treason by allowing a Foreign Power precedence in this land and effectively handing the government of the nation over to this power?

    “How can such as David Cameron stand before his Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth The Second, and take the Most Solemn Oath of Privy Councillor, knowing beforehand that he has absolutely no intention of keeping that Oath?

    There is a very great patriot in the County of Huntingdonshire who is completely mystified and baffled at how a person could commit such grave felonies.

    The British Gazette however can supply an answer to that question.

    I currently live in a semi-detached house. My neighbour is a police officer. When my neighbour apprehends a wrong-doer such as a so called “joy-rider” he has the opportunity to ask the question that my good friend in Huntingdonshire would like to ask:

    “Why? Why, after stealing such a powerful car as this, did you drive like an absolute maniac, at speeds of up to 100 mph and in a built up area! Why did you put so many innocent road users in jeopardy? Why?”

    When asked such the young man – and it is generally a young man – will reply with the (honest) answer: “For the buzz.”

    You see, for young men such as this the thrill and exhilaration of breaking an entry into someone’s home, stealing the keys of a powerful car, and driving it “like a maniac” are the reason for their criminal endeavours. They enjoy it and are prepared to take the consequences: Getting caught and experiencing the austere comforts of the British prison system.

    This is why such as Cameron commit treason: For the buzz and the thrill of glad-handing it on the world stage with such as the President of the United States, making out that he is something he is not.

    Many people have fantasies. Some seek to act out these fantasises. David Cameron is one such. The problem is that he is doing it with the money of British Taxpayers!

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