• This is ANOTHER fine mess you’ve got me into!


    The shenanigans of Mr Ed Miliband appear to have had the effect of that pebble tossed into a pond: the ripples have spread far and wide and appear to set to bring about some historic consequences.

    The shenanigans of which we speak are the Parliamentary ones indulged in by Mr Miliband and his front bench colleagues. The failure by Cameron to get Parliament to support a military adventure in Syria has caused the ripples to spread far and wide: all the way to Washington and St. Petersburg in fact.

    Cameron’s ineptness which caused him to walk right into the trap so carefully laid by Miliband caused Obama to seek Congressional approval for the adventure.

    Soundings showed the politicians on the Hill had been listening to their constituents: a novel idea not practised so frequently in Westminster it seems.

    The American Public had indicated their unhappiness about a Syrian adventure. As a result the Obama administration desperately sought a way to extricate itself from the mess.

    Secretary of State Kerry made his suggestion that Syria surrender its chemical weapons to the UN. As quick as a New York basketball player, Mr Vladimir Putin picked up this idea and started to run with it, followed of course by Mr Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian despot. The suggestion received the backing of Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations.

    The result? The ball has been kicked well and truly out of the courts of Washington and London and now President Obama is in a situation where events are now controlling him and not the other way around.

    All due to Mr Cameron’s ineptitude!

    You can bet your bottom dollar that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are not happy bunnies! In fact they are a pair of very angry bunnies, and we all know where their anger is focused upon: the unfortunate incumbent of 10 Downing Street! Be assured, “Dave and Sam” are no longer of “Barack and Michelle’s” Christmas Card List!

    Cameron’s bungling of course is likely to have some profound consequences for the UK. Those who think the ballyhoo that Mr William Hague has been creating about Syria these past months is an independent action probably still believe in the tooth fairy. And Santa Claus. And that the planet is being heated up by the exhausts from Range Rovers driven around Sloane Square? No, strike the last comment: Nobody can be that stupid. Can they? Oh, yes, we are forgetting a certain Mr Ed Davy!

    Of course, as British Gazette Readers well know, the UK/US special relationship is a form of double act, “good cop/bad cop” or “big guy/little guy” so to speak. The target of course of all this rhetoric lay not in Damascus but in Tehran. Washington and London are desperate to try and pull Iran’s nuclear teeth before she is able to bite with them. Both realise that the government of Israel WILL NOT ALLOW Iran to become a nuclear state.

    Now, thanks to London’s bungling, Washington is a little bit stranded.

    It may very well be the case that Washington will have decided that London is no longer of any use.

    What could that mean?

    It could very well mean that the USA will finally decide to see that some realism is brought to the makeup of the Security Council of the UN. This means removing France and the UK as veto holding Permanent Members. To do this without formally altering the makeup of the council, will require the two powers concerned to give up their seats to two other powers. Be aware that Washington already has decided which two. They will be the European Union and India. The French of course will go along with this as they and the Germans effectively run the EU. The other reason that will commend itself to François Hollande is that it will shaft Cameron.

    The aspect which will commend itself to the State Department is the reaction and thanks the USA will receive from India. India is a growing power and Washington knows that the sooner India is assisted onto the Security Council, the greater the thanks will be.

    Going back to the EU becoming a Permanent Member of the Security Council: this is likely to have some unusual and particular consequences. It is likely that other nations will object to EU members being able to sit by rotation on the Security Council in addition to the EU. Thus, Security Council membership [by rotation] will be restricted in Europe’s case to those European states not members of the EU. Member States will still be able to sit (and vote) in the General Assembly. The EU is likely to retain its enhanced observer status in the General Assembly.

    Thus the charade of the UK being a Great Power will finally be over. And not before time.

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