• Our 4th Anniversary!


    Well, Dear Reader, this organ celebrates it’s fourth anniversary!

    An occasion to look forward and to look back. In addition of course we celebrate the Battle of Trafalgar on this day, as many will know that the 21st October 1805 was the day that the Royal Navy led by Admiral Lord Nelson, defeated Napoleon’s fleet off Cape Trafalgar. This day therefore was the most propitious day on which to re-launch the British Gazette.

    This formerly sovereign kingdom still has over three quarters of it’s laws unlawfully imposed by the foreign power known as the European Union, whose accounts have NEVER been properly audited!

    Our politicians are obsessed by being seen as “politically correct”, obeying EVERY EU Directive to the last syllable and have a peculiar phobia about Carbon Dioxide!

    What could possibly go wrong!!!!!!!!!

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