• Happiness is not being Iranian.


    In a report which could have come straight out of the dark ages, it seems seven young people including the young lady in the image above have been sentenced to various terms of imprisonment and 91 lashes.

    Their crime, dancing to a pop song entitled “Happy” by Pharrell Williams!

    See the report in the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/19/iranian-pharrell-williams-fans-happy-video-sentenced

    British Gazette comment: What sort of twisted human being would wish to whip a young lady for dancing? The late Ronald Reagan once included the rulers of Iran in his famous jibe: We are especially not going to tolerate these attacks from outlaw states run by the strangest collection of misfits, Looney Tunes and squalid criminals since the advent of the Third Reich…”

    We could not have put it better ourselves Mr President.

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