• Cornwall: No Shale Gas but lodes of Thorium.


    Above is an image of Thorium ore. Yesterday, the Editor of this organ moved from Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire and has taken up residence in the village of Trewellard on the north coast of Cornwall near Penzance – which of course is on the south coast!

    In Leeds, or rather on the outskirts, we had coal mines – now closed. I have therefore moved from one former mining area (coal) to another (tin).

    Truly, The Almighty has blessed our country with an abundance of minerals!

    Sadly our leaders have constantly bungled their exploitation!

    Although the tin (and copper) of the Cornish mines is now too expensive to produce, the same is not the case for Thorium which is in plentiful supply in those mines. Cornwall suffers from high unemployment. This need not be the case. If we had a government composed of competent patriots and not incompetent traitors most of the Cornish mines could be reopened to produce Thorium ore which could power this country with abundant affordable electricity. However, what do these deluded traitors intend to do? Construct thousands of wind turbines in the middle of the North Sea. These will cost billions. They will very soon wear out and will produce little useable power. You could not make it up!!!!!!

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