• Vote UKIP. Get Labour.


    The news that the Labour party leader Ed Miliband has announced that a future Labour government would hold “an in/out referendum” on EU membership – but only if the transfer of more powers from Westminster to Brussels is being proposed is the British Gazette suggests not the disaster it appears to be.

    This is because Mr Miliband’s announcement possesses a quality that Mr Cameron’s announcements [his oft promised “in/out” referendum after a re-negotiation which involved the return of powers to the UK] does not: Credibility.

    Mr Miliband’s qualifies his announcement with the rider that such a referendum will be offered should there be a treaty change that devolves even more sovereign powers to the EU. Mr Miliband has made the comment, en passant, that such a treaty [in his opinion] is “very unlikely.” In this later point Mr Miliband is almost certainly wrong as no less than Viviane Reding, the European Commission Vice President (so she should know) is expecting a new treaty that will create in her words: “a United States of Europe.”

    Thus we have the following scenarios:

    Mr Cameron offering a referendum based on him negotiating a return of powers to the UK. The likely hood of which is less than Miss Megan Young (photo at the foot of this article) a young Filipino lady who holds the title Miss World 2013 agreeing to a romantic weekend with the Editor (in Brighton?).

    Mr Miliband, now committed, to hold a referendum if Vice President Reding gets her way.

    Which of these two scenarios does the Reader think more likely?

    Therefore we would suggest that the Reader should take some solace from the statement.

    In making his statement Mr Miliband feels safe for Mr Miliband is “being political” as he knows full well that whilst the British electorate would likely reject any proposal to surrender even more powers to the EU, if such a proposal has a exit motion slapped onto it, then the British people are far more likely to swallow the bitter pill and remain within the EU – even when faced with the UK having to surrender yet more sovereignty.

    This organ knows full well that such writings is not what its readers wish to read. However, this organ will stress again it’s belief that an “In/Out” referendum is most unlikely to be won by the Eurorealists and that the political benefits (to the Eurorealist cause) of the Europhile traitors not having a referendum should be pocketed with thanks.

    As to how the Reader should vote, the BG is clear. Vote UKIP. The aim should be to see to it that the Tories fail to secure a majority and that Labour should become the next government.

    For those wanting a conservative government, look at Cameron’s record on that classic contradiction in terms, “same sex marriage”. Actions speak louder than words.

    Whichever party is elected in 2015 it will make little difference as over three quarters of the laws affecting these islands are made in Brussels.

    • Yes Jack, I agree…. Vote for the person who supports the right policies… I did not agree with Peter’s suggestion.

    • Steve,

      You should vote for the candidate whose principles and policies you support. If you believe in getting the UK out of the EU, vote UKIP. Ignore the likely effect of your particular vote. The Tories and Labour have been bullying people for donkey’s years with the same old line: “If you vote for X you will let in the Tories/Labour.” In other words what they are saying is this: “We realise that you may not like our policies and may well support the policies of candidate X but vote for us anyway because…..” Of course, when all the votes are counted these people say and act as if every vote cast for them was done by an elector who really supported them.


    • Why not simply vote Labour Peter?

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