• You will not go to jail. You will not be prosecuted. You will however have your goods seized by the bailiff.


    Above – the palatial offices of the BBC in London.

    You will not go to jail. You will not be prosecuted. You will however have your goods seized by the bailiff.

    This then is what our politicians have come up with to answer the criticism of the licence fee. Since all three main parties are in support of this proposal, expect it to come about in 2015.

    This of course brings into question: What should be done about the BBC.

    The British Gazette feels that there are two choices:

    1. Close the BBC down and sell off its assets. This will include the intellectual property contained in the many programmes made by the BBC. It will include the real estate. This should raise some money for the taxpayer. It will spare the poorest in our country from having to find £145.50 a year.

    2. Don’t close the BBC down but find a more equitable means of funding it.

    The British Gazette would only consider Option 2 if a structure could be put in place to remove the obvious political bias. Such a structure must be seen to eliminate bias, not to replace one bias with another.

    Why should we be prepared to consider keeping the BBC in existence?

    Because of something called the “Anglo-sphere.”

    The Anglo-sphere is the term for the collection of countries whose first language is English. The most populous of these is the USA, followed by the UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You see the problem: The USA is by a country mile the largest and most influential nation. Were the BBC wound up and a “free for all” was created for broadcasting in the UK we would very rapidly see our broadcasting sector pump out cheap US imports. Home produced dramas and other entertainment would become a premium subscription based product. The majority of viewers would have an unremitting diet of cheap US fare.

    The fact of the matter is this: TV is a very important factor in delivering much of the culture of modern Britain. It is important for a nation’s identity that it does not hand this over to a foreign power. After all, our treasonous politicians have already seen fit to hand over three quarters of the sovereign powers of the Queen to the EU. Therefore why hand over charge of the nation’s culture to the USA?

    OK then you say. You put in place a structure to ensure proper editorial control and eliminate bias? How should the BBC get it’s money?

    The British Gazette would suggest replacing the licence fee with a statutory duty placed upon every local authority that raises a council tax to pay an aggregate licence fee for broadcast services supplied by the BBC within their bailiwick. They could then recoup same from an appendage to the council tax. This would introduce a progressive element to the licence fee. Thus small low value properties in Band A would be charged a modest fee whereas larger more valuable properties in Band F could be charged more. Non payment of this would be the same as non payment of council tax.

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