• Chris Huhne: the fool, without understanding, has eyes and sees not, has ears and hears not.


    Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not….Jeremiah 5:21

    It appears that the ex-convict, Mr Huhne claimed that after capital costs, renewable energy is free!!

    From this it is clear that the greatest allies in the effort to rid the people of this formerly sovereign state of the monstrous fraud that Mr Huhne (not to mention the Editor of this organ!) is taking part in, namely the renewable energy scam, are such as Mr Huhne himself. Such is the man’s obsession he has lost all rational perspective on the matter.

    The sheer impracticality of renewable energy has now been brought home to the Editor as a prime example is now in his loft.

    Yesterday I went up into the loft to see how much money – sorry, electricity – the photo-voltaic cash collectors on the roof were making. It was then the sheer ludicrousness of the technology was brought home to me. At first glance the output (from the panels) was 1,743 watts. It was rapidly declining however and went down to 845 watts. It them started climbing again and peaked at 2,035 watts. This was over a period of about 40 seconds. Now scale that up.

    Question: What would be the effect on the National Grid of a series of power stations whose output was widely erratic going from 645 Megawatts to 2,035 Megawatts in 40 seconds?????

    Answer: Catastrophe! The infrastructure could not handle the load pressure!!!! Complete shutdown!!!!!

    The failure of Chris Huhne to realise this basic fact and his persistence in ignoring those who tell him such shows that the man must be completely unaware that all sensible people regard him as completely bogus.

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