• Problems to come.


    The video of this bigot was made on the 16th January, 2014 and was published on YouTube on 8th May 2014.

    British Gazette comment: Whilst it would be wrong to assume any other than this fellow speaks for himself and a few followers, this does not bode well for the future. It is a sad fact of human life that notwithstanding 99% of human beings (whatever their culture, ethnicity or faith) are perfectly decent law abiding people who merely want to live their lives in peace and harmony with their neighbours. Indeed, were this not so, human societies could not function. Civil society can only be enforced via the police and the courts when these authorities only have to deal with around 1% of the population. And yet as the reader will know, that 1% cause huge problems.

    Thus the bigot in the video above IS a problem.

    The problem we have with Islam however is not limited to extremists like the bigot in the video. There is also the question of “sensitivity” and tolerance of for what of a better term, “insults to faith.”

    The problem we have with Muslims living in the UK is that many Muslims have a very different attitude towards those they would see as ridiculing and/or insulting their faith that Christians. The politically correct authorities have reacted to this by persecuting Christian evangelists such as Mike Overd of Taunton to justify taking action against Muslim extremists who actually do incite religious hatred.

    We hope the Reader will permit the Editor to illustrate this difference with an example:

    Imagine you have purchased a satirical magazine shortly before Easter. In it you see a cartoon portraying Christ having the nails driven either through his hands or wrists by the Roman soldiers and having a text bubble with the pointer towards his mouth with the words… “Hey Guys, this is well outside my comfort zone…”

    Today such a cartoon would invite censure from a number of Christians who would have been made aware of the cartoon’s existence. However, we can be safe to assume that the satirical publication and the cartoonist would not be adversely affected. That is if the article had been published in London just before Easter 2014. Had such a cartoon had been published in London just before Easter in 1414 – 600 years earlier – the consequences for the publisher and the cartoonist would have been dire.

    The problem we have therefore is that we have one community with sensitivities belonging to a previous era and another community that is becoming increasingly and aggressively secular – as Mr Overd has found to his cost.

    Having to such communities living together in this small crowded island is a recipe for disaster.

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