• Prepare to be assimilated: Resistance is futle.


    This is the message that Cameron and his coterie of traitors in his office pass on to those Cabinet Ministers who object to being presented with EU regulations with instructions to put into effect via Statutory Instruments.

    A Mr. Dominic Cummings, who used to work at the Department of Education reported that ministers red boxes were being filled with EU regulations that they was forced to lay before parliament.

    These regulations he says are being circulated amongst the cabinet to keep up “the pretence that Cabinet Government exists.”

    Mr Cummings wrote in a blog post: “ In order to continue the pretence that Cabinet Government exists, all these EU papers are circulated in the red boxes.

    “Nominally, these are ‘for approval’. They have a little form attached for the Secretary of State to tick. However, because they are EU papers, this ‘approval’ process is pure Potemkin village.”

    “If a Cabinet Minister replies saying – ‘I do not approve, this EU rule is stupid and will cost a fortune’ – then someone from the Cabinet Office calls their Private Office and says, ‘Your Minister appears to have withheld approval on this EU regulation.’”

    When ministers stand fast on the issue and withhold consent for the rules they are contacted by Ed Llwellyn, the No. 10 chief of staff, Mr Cummings said. If this intervention fails the Cabinet secretary then calls to “explain to them that they have no choice but to approve”, he claimed.

    British Gazette comment: As we approach Monday 4th August, 2014 – the centenary of the UK’s declaration of war on Imperial Germany – we are forced to ask these four questions:
    1. What EXACTLY did those millions of brave young Briton’s die for?
    2. Has Germany finally won?
    3. What should become of those British TRAITORS who have committed HIGH TREASON?
    4. As today is Independence Day in the USA we also remember those many brave Americans who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. Given the TREASON of Cameron and his coterie, what EXACTLY do we say to their descendants about that sacrifice? Somehow, “Sorry Buddy” seems inadequate.
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