• Accounts Clerk wanted at the BBC. Must be Gay or Transgender and preferably from a disadvantaged background. No other experience necessary.


    Please note, an image of the delightful Tyra Banks is displayed as Miss Banks is black and not white and beautiful as well unlike Mr Greg Dyke who is not only white but hideous [his description, not the Editors!]

    A normal employer – by “normal” we mean rational – when advertising for staff for such as an accounts clerk, with ask for relevant experience and qualifications and take their pick of those who apply. Non relevant factors such as sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity and religion will be ignored.

    That of course is for a normal (rational) employer. But then as the reader knows, the BBC cannot exactly described as being normal. Unlike its competitors, it’s finances are guaranteed by the poll tax which is the licence fee.

    In the strange surreal world inhabited by such as the “hideously white” Greg Dyke it is perfectly permissible (and indeed desirable) to practise discrimination (on the grounds of such non relevant factors as described above) if the intention is to fight against discrimination.

    This of course is as counterproductive as the ancient practice of applying feces to an open wound to drive out infection – a process that almost always saw the death of the patient by septicemia.

    There are now reports that those applying to the BBC will have to answer not only the question; “Are you Gay?” but; “Are your Parents living on benefits?”

    Of course the BBC is supposed to be publicly accountable. By that, the theory goes, accountable to Parliament. But what is the point of altering such as “Cool Dude Dave” would would regard any criticism of the BBC’s lunacy as bigotry?

    Is there a name for this lunacy?

    Yes there is: It is called the diversity agenda.

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