• Does he really think that we are all stupid?


    British Gazette readers will no doubt be getting rather irritated with Cameron babbling on about how the country’s economy is back where it was before the crisis of 2008.

    Of course what he fails to mention is that he is referring to the total GDP figure and so so conveniently forgets to factor in the massive increase in this county’s population due to the many migrants who have settled here since 2008.

    And naturally, as his Partner-in-Crime Clegg (who is a EU fanatic) and his opposite number the unfortunate Ed Miliband are both completely committed to unrestricted EU immigration, they are hardly going to point out the error of his statement.

    They do however both go as far as saying, “Well it does not feel like it!”

    Well of course it doesn’t! Because it isn’t!

    Of course, you will not be surprised Dear Reader for you know full well that these three felons had all stood before the Queen, taken the Most Solemn Oath of Privy Councillor and have gone out and broken that oath, committing Perjury.

    So naturally, since you know full well that these felons are quite happy to lie to their Sovereign Lady to her face, lying to you Dear Reader is a matter of no consequence.

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