• Scottish Independence: The £ in your pocket will in two months time be worth; Err…..Nothing!


    EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland is probably a website few British Gazette readers will have surfed onto. There are around 160,000 EU citizens who are citizens of other EU members in Scotland and all of them are entitled to vote on our nation’s future. According to this website, 100,000 have so far decided to register. This website is campaigning for such individuals to vote Yes to independence.

    Yesterday, a gentleman by the name of Alan Middleton posted a very informative post to this website. Mr Middleton is clearly a gentleman who knows what he is talking about. Which of course, places him apart from Mr Salmond! Whilst Mr Salmond talks nonsense – no sense – Mr Middleton talks an awful lot of sense! Mr Middleton’s article explains with accuracy and precison just what will happen to what we can term “the Scottish Currency” probably on the “wee small hours” of Friday 19th September, 2014. We would urge British Gazette readers to follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/EuCitizensForAnIndependentScotland/posts/752999261425228

    What follows from this is absolutely clear: The bankers will be sitting up all night watching the results come in. In the event of a Yes vote being apparent, the banks authorised to issue Scottish banknotes would collectively and jointly apply for voluntary cessation. This is likely to occur at around 03:00AM in the morning. Mr Mark Carney who will also be sitting up all night will be there to pick up the telephone. Thus, in the hypothetical event of a “Yes” vote, those members of the Scottish public who went to bed and did not stay up all night listening to the results or partying, or drowning their sorrows, would awake to the news that they would have two months to hand in their Scottish bank notes before they cease to become legal tender.

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