• Multiculturalism’s worst nightmare: The chickens are coming home to roost.


    As the above gruesome image shows, the naïve imaginings of our politically correct ruling elite of a happy, harmonious and diverse Britain have proven to be just that: naïve imaginings. How the morons who masquerade as the government of this formerly sovereign land could ever have imagined that there could be peace and harmony between those who are the openly atheist, homosexual, lesbian, transvestite, trans-gender participants in Gay Pride marches and demonstrations and the new breed of young disaffected Muslim fundamentalists who wish to have Sharia Law in this land is quite beyond comprehension. As the TV character Victor Meldrew would have expostulated; “I don’t believe it…. In the name of sanity!”

    Of course, now disaster is upon them – AND US – and the Gates of Hell are about to open and bring forth their demons – they are trying to prepare the long suffering electorate to face up to what is coming. Mrs May is looking at more restrictive laws. Doubtless she will have the support of the Labour Party. It is much less doubtful she will have the support of her so called colleagues the Lib-Dems.

    You may expect the British Gazette to be critical of Mrs May – and indeed it is – but these are very serious times. So far as new laws are concerned, the British Gazette is firmly of the opinion is that given the severity of the torment that is about to be borne by the British People whatever (within reason) new powers and new laws the police want should be given to them. More importantly however – THE CUTS TO THE POLICE MUST BE REVERSED!!!!!!!!!

    One thing is clear – THIS COUNTRY NEEDS IT’S POLICE AND ARMY NOW MORE THAN EVER. The very last thing that the government should be doing is cutting their numbers!

    On a (slightly) brighter note it seems that the authorities have a very good idea who the cut-throat in the above image is. The link below is to a report in the New York Post.


    Hopefully, this terrorist will be apprehended and brought to trial. Or maybe he will have a run in with the SAS or SBS or US Special Forces. Doubtless these gentlemen will deliver their less than tender mercies to him. But then you know the saying; “He who lives by the sword…..”

    Bye-the-way: Some readers have questioned why the Editor moved 400 miles from multi-cultural Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire down to the mono-cultural Trewellard in Cornwall. There were various reasons but one was this: I saw this coming.

    • I hope that the murderer will be identified and IF he is a British subject MUST be stripped of his British citizenship, if this means he becomes Stateless, so much the better.. Whichever country he has gone to support and in which he committed this heinous crime, will surely welcome with open arms such a follower of their backward, stone-age way of life.

    • And yet………it seems that I stand a greater chance of prosecution by making my moderate comment upon this situation than I do if I join the people who hold up banners declaring the desire for unspeakable actions against our British forces.

      Of course you are correct in that it will get worse as the majority become the sort who have some sympathy for the latter view of the two above.

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