• Move over Roger.

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    Few MPs have the guts to do what Douglas Carswell did on Thursday. Principled and decent, he is in politics for all the right reasons. He believes in all the things to which ordinary politicians pay lip service, but in reality frighten them to death. Above all, Mr. Carswell talks popular democracy which concerns ordinary voters, not the views of the Westminster elite, and the faceless overpaid unelected officials across the channel.

    This gives an excellent opportunity for UKIP to get it’s first MP. However, it will still be an uphill struggle. For one thing, you can bet your bottom Euro that the Tories will throw everything including the AGA as well as the kitchen sink at this election as they will be desperate to demonstrate to their unhappy MPs that defeat awaits all who tread Carswell’s path.

    The Tories have (correctly) identified UKIP as their number one threat in May 2015.

    One of the first things the Tories and the Europhile elite will do is to make mischief and unfortunately they have an excellent opportunity to do this in the form of Mr Roger Lord.

    Mr Lord was selected by UKIP’s Clacton branch as their PPC (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate) for the May 2015 General Election.

    British Gazette readers may well ask the following question: “Why did not UKIP HQ sort this mess out beforehand by contacting Mr Lord?”

    The British Gazette has been in contact with UKIP officials and can report that there is a is a perfectly logical and reasonable explanation. It is this:

    Nigel Farage was informed by Roger Carswell only a short time before he made his announcement. For obvious reasons Mr Carswell and Mr Farage kept the news under their hats. In circumstances like these, the fewer people who know the better. It was felt that Mr Lord could not be told. The British Gazette feels that Mr Farage followed the correct and only course of action.

    Herewith is an explanation of UKIP’s position insofar as the facts relating to Mr Lord are concerned.

    1. Mr Lord was selected by the Clacton branch to be the party’s candidate in May 2015.

    2. UKIP’s rules are that such candidates are selected only for this and should a bye-election is called in a constituency the party will chose a candidate at that time. This may sound unfair, but it is not. For a small party this is a sensible way to organise for bye-elections can often present unexpected opportunities and parties will want to leave themselves free to select a high profile candidate and not be tied to a particular local candidate. UKIP is not alone in this. Other parties act similarly.

    3. Mr Lord did not contest the Clacton seat in 2010. In fact UKIP did not field a candidate against Mr Carswell.

    4. At the 2005 General Election Clacton was part of the Harwich constituency. Jeffrey Titford fought the seat for UKIP.

    The British Gazette’s advice is clear and forms the title of this article.

    • I share your support of the whys and wherefores of this move by Douglas Carswell and Roger Lord’s announcement that he will now re-join the Conservatives does not put him in a good light..
      He should, despite the perceived snub, be man enough to give his wholehearted support and bask in a bit of the reflected glory by being seen at Carswell’s side supporting him, anything less unfortunately, just makes him appear petty.

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