• Some advice for The Right Honourable Frank Field, DL MP: Sir: Do not hold your breath!


    The British Gazette has a lot of respect for the veteran Labour MP, The Right Honourable Frank Field, DL, the Member for Birkenhead (since 1979). Frank Field talks a lot of sense: A fact that makes him stand out at Westminster.

    Mr Field welcomes Germany’s stance on benefit cheats (See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/11060289/Britain-may-copy-Germanys-move-to-deport-benefit-cheats.html) and hopes this country may follow the German example.

    Most reasonable people would agree with him. The British Gazette has some advice however to Mr Field and its readers: Do not hold your breath!

    This is because you can be absolutely sure that the benefit cheats will use their access to lawyers (whose fees are paid by YOU, Dear Reader) to ensure that they are allowed to remain in this country, living off the state. Come what may.

    Whether or not this country is in the EU or out of the EU, in order to to enforce its writ in its own country, The Crown – let us remember that Parliament has NO POWER except to prevail upon the Sovereign to act in a certain manner – has to re-establish CROWN IMMUNITY. This means that the Courts cannot direct the Crown to do anything EXCEPT THIS: Keep within the limits of Sovereign Power bestowed by the Bill of Rights 1688 and the Magna Carta.

    Of course, any government that does this will receive the most enormous numbers of complaints from lawyers. Judges and barristers will go on strike.

    The British Gazette would retort: So what? If the country was faced with a strike by its doctors and nurses, we should all worry as these professionals render an essential service and it is difficult to replace them quickly. This is NOT the case with lawyers. Our universities and colleges turn out thousands of law graduates ever year. There is no shortage of lawyers.

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