• David Cameron – Blabbermouth.


    Definition of a blabbermouth: someone who reveals secrets or talks too much.

    Herewith the text of Cameron’s comments to Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York:

    The definition of relief is being Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and ringing the Queen and saying, “It’s all-right. It’s okay. That was something. She purred down the line. But it should never have been that close, it wasn’t in the end. There was a time in the middle of the campaign when it felt. But that’s the press… But I’ve said I want to find these polling companies and sue them for my stomach ulcers for that is what they put me through… It was very nervous moments….”

    Herewith a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtRabr1DOVs

    British Gazette comment: This outrageous indiscretion shows that David (Blabbermouth) Cameron’s has little or no respect of and for the duties and responsibilities of his office. When “Blabbermouth Cameron” likens his monarch to a cat, it clearly shows that he has little respect towards HM the Queen.

    If this was not bad enough, “Blabbermouth” also leaked the information that the Queen wept with joy!

    Though saddened and angered, British Gazette readers will not be that surprised for they know that this is a man who has no respect for the laws of perjury or treason – for he has taken the Most Solemn Oath of Privy Councillor and has broken it by participating in the illegal governance of this country by a foreign power – the European Union.

    His felonious actions also place Her Majesty in breach of her own Coronation Oath to govern us in accordance with Our Laws and Customs – and not those of the European Union – serve only to confirm this.

    As for “Blabbermouth’s” comments vis-à-vis suing polling companies for his stomach ulcers…. the British Gazette would suggest that HM the Queen would be entirely within her rights to sue “Blabbermouth” for breach of confidence. That is leaving aside the most obvious prosection for HIGH TREASON.

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