• Badgers, Bovine TB and getting what you pay for.


    Today’s article links to a website British Gazette readers will recognise as part of for want of a better term, “the opposition.”

    The Ecologist is a publication founded in 1970 by Edward Goldsmith and its promotion of its particualr stance of whatin those days was called “ecological issues” led to the creation of the People Party, later renamed the Ecology Party and finally the Green Party.

    The link provides an interesting viewpoint on the problem of Bovine TB.


    British Gazette comment: Those British Gazette readers experienced in running a business (of whatever type) will know that a root cause of many problems is lack of money. Lack of money forces people into making economies with their time, their expenditure, equipment quality and so forth. This results in problems. It is all very well for an academic or public sector worker with a secure well paid job and a good pension at the end of it to hand out advice to those “at the coal face” on putting in place elaborate, expensive and time consuming measures that will help alleviate a particular risk.

    What these folk – and indeed all of us – have to do is to face up to some FACTS.

    FACTS are things our political leaders do not like addressing.

    They much prefer posturing and spouting perceived wisdoms.

    OK then, what are these FACTS. These:

    - The GB average price was 18.167304 pence per pint (31.97 pence per litre) in August, a 0.125 pence per pint (0.22 pence per litre or 0.7%) decrease on the previous month.

    - The major supermarket chains are selling milk at 25 pence per pint.

    - Most dairy farmers are not making any money at the moment.

    Those protesting about the killing of badgers insist that a combination of vaccinating badgers and intense biosecurity will over a period of five years solve the problem of Bovine TB. They may well be right!

    OK then. Let us assume that “The Ecologist” is right in this regard. What then should be done?

    Now we come to the core problem!

    Yes Dear Reader….. You guessed it! The European Union!

    You see, the MOST OBVIOUS solution to this dreadful situation is to put into place a system which will ensure that diary farmers are to borrow a word from the Greens, paid a sustainable income for their product. Before Heath and his treasonous colleagues handed the government of this country over to what became the European Union there was something called The Milk Marketing Board. I know this because when I was at college in the 1970s I had to write a project on it!

    In brief, the MMB was the monopsonist purchaser of GB produced milk and the retailers purchased milk from the MMB. It ensured that farmers received a fair price for their milk and were not subject to being forced to give discounts to large retailers they could not afford.

    The MMB was set up in 1933 and was not an invention of the 1945 Labour government but the Second National Ministry led by Ramsay MacDonald. Of course, the EU would not allow the MMB to be set up again. Of course, were the Blessed Day to arrive when sovereignty was restored to the UK the MMB could be set up again. But of course this would result in the inevitability of customers having to pay an awful lot more than £1 for their four pint (2.27305 litres, Derek) carton of milk!

    The plain simple facts of the matter are these: If the badger loving British People want their badgers protected and vaccinated and want to continue to drink British milk, then they have to pay for it!

    Time and time again life keeps reminding us of one simple fact: You get what you pay for!

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