• Some Important Reasons for voting UKIP.


    Doubtless you will be surprised at the choice of image – the noose being placed around the neck of the late and unlamented Saddam Hussein – the choice of image will become apparent in the article.

    Back in 2001 I, with help from Tony Bennett led the “Drive The Flag” campaign against the Eurostars being the only option on British number plates. See: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/drive-the-flag/
    The campaign was successful insofar as it forced the Blair government to allow symbols such as the Union flag and the other national flags on British car number plates. Crucially, to the success was the publicity given by the Daily Mail newspaper. Notwithstanding the fact that the DM claimed all the credit for changing the Blair government’s mind, I was always grateful for the support the DM gave for the campaign would not have succeeded without it.

    The one thing the Reader has to realise about the DM is that it will ALWAYS support the Conservative Party. It will NEVER endorse UKIP. The Reader therefore should NOT be surprised to see the DM echo Cameron’s call that a vote for Nigel will put Ed in Number 10.

    Herewith the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2796017/blow-cameron-voters-key-marginal-seats-swing-labour-putting-miliband-touching-distance-number-10.html
    Cameron stresses that if you want an In/Out referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU then vote Tory as Labour are opposed it this. He then of course repeats his “Vote Nigel, get Ed” mantra.

    The British Gazette’s response to this is as follows:

    Nobody can foresee the future. Prime Minister Harold Wilson famously said that a week is a long time in politics. He was right. Two hundred days is an even longer time in politics and at the date of this article there are 200 days to go until Thursday 7th May, 2015.

    See: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?day=7&month=5&msg=UK+General+Election&p0=0&year=2015

    However, what the Daily Mail article and Cameron say is probably correct.

    This however SHOULD NOT be a reason for not voting UKIP. In fact, the British Gazette will go further and state that the return of a Labour government forcing its programme on England through the use of its Scottish majority will be preferable to the Tories being returned with a majority government.


    Because it is all very well to campaign for an In/Out referendum – but we want a referendum staged in such a way and at such a time which WE CAN WIN!!!!!!!!!

    Be in no doubt, an In/Out referendum put forward in 2017 by a majority Tory government is going to be very difficult to win. The odds are is that WE WOULD LOOSE. To LOOSE such a referendum would be disastrous as it would help legitimise the UK’s continued membership.

    We should take a leaf out of the book of one of the most willy operators in British politics. Alex Salmond. Mr Salmond is a highly skilled operator. Far more skilled than such as “Unfortunate Ed!” Yes, Mr. Salmond lost the vote but he came closer to victory than all Unionists would have liked. He did this by putting the poll back to such a time when he felt be had the best chance of winning. To quote Marilyn “Mandy” Rice-Davies, “He would, wouldn’t he?”

    Be in no doubt, the international banks, multi national companies, WANT the UK to remain a part of the EU. Why? The United States of America is convinced that it in the interest of the USA that the UK remain in the EU. If the UK were to leave the EU it would seriously threaten the EU’s stability.

    The international banks and the multi national companies DO NOT CARE about issues of national sovereignty. They care about STABILITY. Were the UK to leave the EU it would seriously threaten the EU’s stability.

    There is a LOT at stake. We now come to the reason for our choice of image. The one decision that Saddam Hussein made that led him to the gallows was the fateful decision to start selling Iraq’s oil in Euros. This was the one act that ensured the USA would use military force to topple him. Of course, they had to come up with another reason and that was the reason for the brouhaha about “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” This is because every barrel of oil is traded in the US $. This has been going on since Bretton Woods in 1944. This situation has kept the US $ as the world’s reserve currency since that time. Since that time, successive US administrations have borrowed against this. The US Sovereign Debt is of staggering proportions. Those NOT on pills to reduce their blood pressure may chose to visit this website: http://www.usdebtclock.org/

    Now you see what the bankers are worried about!

    If the UK left it is more likely that the European Central Bank may want to prop up the Euro by purchasing the oil and gas it buys from Mr Putin’s Russia in Euros!

    Be in no doubt, were Cameron to win a majority in May 2015 he would go cap in hand to the EU and plead with them to offer him something substantial. They will offer him as much as they can but it will not be much. Such a referendum will be dominated by negative campaigning. In this the Scottish referendum is instructive. During the campaign both David Cameron and Boris Johnson had the good sense to keep a low profile and let the Labour politicians Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown tackle Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

    In a 2017 In/Out referendum the Europhiles will rely on the leaders of international companies, economists, bankers and so forth to warn the British People of the dire consequences of leaving the EU.

    The sad fact is that many voters would vote to stay in not because they like the EU – they do not. But because they would fear the consequences of leaving. Then of course we have the problem of the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat.

    So you see, the odds are stacked against success.

    Now Miliband has said that he will give an In/Out referendum should there be treaty change involving a further transfer of power to the EU.

    The plain simple FACTS are these, UKIP has a better chance of winning an In/Out referendum the longer it is put off and if staying in involves ceding yet more power. Therefore it is in the National interest to see that “Unfortunate Ed” is returned to office in May 2015.

    If Labour have to govern England through Scottish votes, then so much the better as they will by the time of any referendum be VERY unpopular in England.

    Now let us turn our attention of WHAT MIGHT happen in the event of a Blessed Victory in such a referendum.

    Let us say that Unfortunate Ed is returned, governs England with Scottish Votes and is forced into offering an In/Out referendum due to a new EU treaty in say, 2018.

    It is likely that Scotland and Wales would have voted to remain in the EU whilst England would have voted to leave. At this point Ms. Sturgeon would of course demand another referendum on Scottish Independence.

    This would be hugely advantageous as an “so called Independent Scotland” could take the UK’s place in the EU. This would mean that the newly independent United Kingdom of England & Wales could negotiate a trade agreement with the EU as a new sovereign state. This is hugely important because leaving the EU is not a simple straightforward process. It would have been before the Single European Act and the creation of the EU Single Market but following this the nation will have to set up a system that was dismantled some years ago. This can not be done overnight. Were Scotland to remain in the EU trade between England and Wales with the EU could be handled via Scotland.

    In any event, a Labour government may proved an advantage to UKIP were John, Lord Prescott given the green light to set up the dreaded “Elected Regional Assemblies.” These bodies would undoubtedly have some form of PR and would assist UKIP in enabling more UKIP people to be elected to office. This is important. UKIP people must realise that although the Lib-Dems are trailing UKIP in the polls by a large margin, they have many more experienced councillors and other elected politicians than UKIP.

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