• Prostitution and the Swedish model: It’s not working.


    Feminist Labour harridans such as Fiona Margaret Mactaggart the Member for Slough and Harriet Ruth Harman, QC the Member for Camberwell and Peckham will be happy bunnies now that Northwern Ireland is criminalising the purchase of sex.
    Herewith: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/ruth-jacobs/northern-ireland-sex-work_b_6021808.html
    They should however read a report on the situation in Sweden. Both of these women who label themselves as feminists are campaigners for the criminalisation of the purchase of sexual services whilst making the selling of sexual services (by the prostitute) legal. This one sided or lop sided view is based on the assumption that the woman is by definition the victim and that it is legally impossible for the woman to be a voluntary participant in such a transaction and therefore the law should assume that in all circumstances the woman has been coerced into making the transaction.

    Undoubtedly there are cases where a woman (or worse girl) is coerced into prostitution. It is already illegal for a person to procure services from such a woman.

    The problem with Mactaggart and Harman’s solution is that their “solution” would drive the trade further underground and make the sex trade even more vulnerable to organised crime thus making the situation for women who have been trafficked and are being coerced, worse not better.

    Of course, these women tout Sweden where their ideas have been legislated into existence as a great success story. The fact of the matter is that Sweden’s policy has failed:


    This of course will not dissuade these two harridans from pursuing their objective. This is because their real motivation is not a genuine concern for prostitutes. It is their prejudice against men. These two women simply refuse to believe that there are women who actually practise as prostitutes voluntarily and they have not be forced or coerced by anyone.
    The British Gazette would agree with Mactaggart and Harman that these women should not be doing what they are doing. It would also agree that the customers of these women should not be doing what they are doing.
    The Editor of the British Gazette however accepts the world as it is and not how the Editor would wish the world to be. Unfortunately Mactaggart and Harman are not prepared to accept reality and are determined to legislate based upon an imaginary perception of how the world is. Of course Mactaggart and Harman are not only deluded about prostitution. They also believe that the CO2 that is emitted by their Range Rovers is endangering the planet!

    It is interesting to note that both of these women were educated at fee paying schools. Mactaggart went to Cheltenham Ladies College and Harman went to St Paul’s Girls’ School, Hammersmith. Given the capacity for self delusion inherent in these two women one wonders if their parents have considered asking for the return of the school fees!

    There is an interesting blog (on the legal and practical aspects of her trade) written by a Romanian prostitute:

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