• Two men who REALLY frighten David Cameron.


    Above left is Piers Corbyn Founder & Managing Director of WeatherAction (http://www.weatheraction.com) [a report on the meeting is here] and above right Roger Helmer MEP, UKIP’s spokesman on Industry and Energy.

    Yesterday, this organ’s Editor arrived at the committee room reception desk within the Victorian Gothic splendour of Palace of Westminster on the way to committee room number 9 where a public meeting was to be held. The meeting had been arranged by Mr Sammy Wilson Member of Parliament for East Antrim. The above two gentlemen were each to give presentations about the UK’s energy policy and the possible prospects of power cuts over the coming winter.

    Having travelled up from Cornwall the day before and having made the journey in via Paddington station, the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines that morning you can imaging Dear Reader my annoyance at being told by the clerk that the meeting had been cancelled. I communicated my displeasure at a wasted journey. He then told me that he had just been told that the meeting was to be held at John Harvard library in Borough. He was unable to give me directions and advised me to ask a police officer.

    The John Harvard library at 211 Borough High Street London SE1 1JA was not difficult to find however. It was a short walk from parliament to Westminster tube station and a fairly quick journey – 3 stops to London Bridge, change to Northern line and one stop (southbound) to Borough. The John Harvard library is a little more than 100 yards from the tube entrance/exit. I arrived at 1:15PM. A quarter hour after the meeting should have started in committee room 9. Roger Helmer was there and Piers Corbyn arrived shortly after. Piers was in particular a little irritated. Roger, due to his experience in suffering at the dead hand of EU bureaucracy was somewhat inured and thus displayed the settled demeanour of the stoic. I was heartedly relieved that my long journey had not been wasted!

    This meeting was also reported upon by
    At the meeting Piers and Roger both made their cases about the great CO2 scam, the arguments of which have long been put forward by this organ and need not be repeated today.

    The point however of today’s article is to bring to your attention Dear Reader the level of fear and trepidation there now seems to exist in some circles. This is because from what was told to us by Piers, Roger and others it was clear that the meeting had been intentionally sabotaged by the authorities in the Palace of Westminster as they did not what MPs to attend and hear what these two men had to say. The result of these actions was successful. No MPs turned up and those members of the public who had made the journey did not attend – the new location of the meeting had only just been given to the clerks at the desk and they had previously turned many away disappointed at a wasted journey. I myself was fortunate that the queue for the security had been so long. Another interesting aspect was that the meeting was indeed attended by a young suited businessman. He declared himself to be a member of the public. He sat there however taking notes into a notebook and left after the presentation without comment. It was clear that he was sent by someone to take notes on the proceedings and to report back.

    The simple facts of the matter are these:

    - If Piers Corbyn and Roger Helmer were a couple of crackpots spouting some nonsense about let us say, the government being in conspiracy – along with other governments – with an extra terrestrial alien civilisation to well ???? the government at the “powers that be” would not be concerned and the meeting would have been allowed to go ahead.

    - Nor would they have sent someone to report of the ravings of lunatics!

    - It is clear that the government at the “powers that be” DO NOT want their back bench MPs learning about this. A LOT of PEOPLE and companies are making a LOT of money out of this scam and they do not want this to end! That large numbers of pensioners will be driven into fuel poverty and that many will die as a result do not seem to bother these characters.

    August 2021 will see the tercentenary of the piercing of the South Sea Company bubble. It will be a hugely satisfying repeating of history if by then probably the greatest fraud since then is rumbled.

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