• What part of the word TREASON does Mrs May NOT understand?


    Were Mark Reckless, now UKIP’s candidate for Rochester and Strood, to need any more help (on top of the £1.7 billion budget brouhaha), help was forthcoming last night in the form of the outrageous debacle that took place in the Commons chamber yesterday evening. Home Secretary Theresa May demonstrated to her fellow Tory MP’s the impotence of Parliament by announcing that the government was not legally required to bring the measures [to enforce the European Arrest Warrant] to the House. Transposing some into UK law would usually be done through a special committee of MPs, she said. The government had previously said that it would allow a vote. She went on to say the measures had already been put into effect – a fait accompli in other words.

    This is of course EXACTLY what King Charles I wished to do when he wanted the revenue from the Ship Tax. The King did not want to deal with a rebellious Commons. The government decided to cancel the vote for fear of a rebellion by its own back bench MPs.

    One of the things that mankind’s development of space exploration has given us is The Countdown. How many of us can recall those moments when the American accented voice is say T minus [a number] seconds…. And then as the great rockets begins to emit gases the final countdown, “…. Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven……” then, “…. main engines start, ignition….” and at zero seconds the magnificent sight of a roar, a rumble and the great rocket soars into the heavens carrying its human cargo of brave men (and women).

    If, like the Editor, you are Mr and Mrs Average Citizen you know how you would be feeling at that moment if perchance you were trapped in alongside those astronauts: “Sxxt Scared” I think is the phrase you are looking for.

    Well, we all know how the Unfortunate David Cameron will be feeling today, Armistice Day, as it is ten days before Thursday 20th November, 2014 – the date of the Rochester and Strood by-election.

    If the polls are anything to go by Mark Reckless is heading for a comfortable win. UKIP are on 48% the Tories on 33% Labour on 16% and the Greens on 2%.

    What about the Lib-Dems? We hear you ask. 1%.

    An emphatic victory for Mark Reckless MIGHT encourage and embolden some of those Tory MPs who rebelled last night to follow Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless into the UKIP fold.

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