• The Cost of Freedom: Membership of the EU.

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    US Presidents seem to have the knack of coining memorable phrases and JFK was no exception.

    The report in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor on the publication of taped transcripts of Tim Geithner the former US Treasury Secretary expose the nature of the way the EU does things.


    As of November 2014, it is clear is that if the Euro is to survive as the currency of the Eurozone states that have it as their currency at present, the price (for those Eurozone members) will be de facto dependent territory status for all those states other than Germany. In other words the relationship between France and Germany and Italy and Germany and all other Eurozone member states including the Irish Republic will be – for all practical purposes – the same as the relationship between the UK and her colonies.

    How does and how will this effect the UK?

    Remember Unfortunate Ed’s promise about a referendum on the UK’s EU membership? He stated that he would allow such IF a treaty were put before the British People transferring MORE powers TO the EU.

    Please note the text we have capitalised, Dear Reader.

    Now we know that Unfortunate Ed does NOT want the British People to have such a referendum.

    Some may think that would seem to indicate that Unfortunate Ed intends to shackle the formerly Sovereign country to the EU forever. Let us be under NO DOUBT as to Unfortunate Ed’s priorities. These are:
    1. The Labour Party
    2. The Labour Party
    3. The Labour Party

    There are some basic things that British Gazette readers will know about this country’s treasonous politicians:
    1. They can’t be trusted.
    2. They are inveterate liars.
    3. You have to “read between the lines” and realise what they are NOT saying as well as what they are saying.

    Now, let us analyse Unfortunate Ed’s statement in that light.

    Note that the commitment was for a referendum on a treaty ceding more powers TO the EU FROM the UK.

    This can be interpreted to mean that were there to be a treaty ceding more powers TO the UK FROM the EU there would be NO requirement for a referendum.

    How could such a situation come about? You ask.


    All EU member states with the exception of Denmark and the UK are required to join the Euro by 2020. Denmark along with the UK secured an all important “opt out.” Denmark however has indicated that she will waive her right of opt out. This leaves the UK as the sole member state not in the Eurozone after 2020. Note also that de facto German rule for these Eurozone members will be the ONLY option if the Euro is to survive.

    Thus the treaty to create the new Großdeutsches Reich (Greater German Empire) that MUST come about to keep the Euro in existence MUST make provision for the UK. The most logical outcome is the transfer of the UK from the EU to the European Economic Area. Thus the UK will join Iceland and Norway. This will still mean that the country has no control over its borders as membership of the EEA requires freedom of movement throughout the area.

    Such a treaty MUST be in place before 2020.

    Unfortunate Ed’ is fully aware of this. This is what he must be thinking:

    Labour wins the General Election in 2015 and forms a government. He is hoping for a majority. Europe as an issue will for the Tories “go away” as the nation is destined for EEA membership outside the EU. This for Unfortunate Ed is a problem for he is relying on Tory divisions for his electoral success. Unfortunate Ed will realise that the UK in the EEA after 2020 will still have handed over a large slice of its sovereign power to the EU and the toxic immigration issue will not have gone away. Ed will know that the ONLY way to solve this issue would be to leave the EEA and possess only EFTA membership. This is something that UKIP presumably will take up. Unfortunate Ed sees UKIP as more of a help than a hindrance. Desperate to avoid providing a democratic answer to the West Lothian Question, Unfortunate Ed will be keen to see the dreaded Elected Regional Assemblies set up in England. He will see to it that these have some form of PR to ensure that UKIP will be well represented.

    At the beginning of this article we referred to the capacity of US Presidents for inventing good quotes. Here is another:

    “Never attempt to murder a man who is committing suicide.”

    This was one of Woodrow Wilson’s (below).It is clear then what UKIP’s strategy should be:

    1. To maintain its call for the restoration of lawful sovereign government. This means withdrawal not only from the EU but also from the EEA.
    2. Acceptance that the UK is going to leave the EU and enter the EEA in 2020 and that a treaty establishing this will be enacted in the next Parliament (2015-2020) – whoever forms the next government.
    3. Concentrate on growing its membership and also on securing elected office. This means the dreaded Elected Regional Assemblies.
    If UKIP is to offer itself as a credible coalition partner or eventually a government, it must gain experience in elected office. This is the great strength the Liberal Democrats have over UKIP.

    • I really don’t feel that anything else can be added to this article. Enough said. It seems to me to encompass the whole scene admirably.

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