• Ched Evans: A very strange case indeed.


    This case is very strange: The victim appeared on CCTV to be drunk. Yet blood samples taken the following day showed no alcohol. Normally, where a person has consumed so much alcohol that they are rendered incapable [of giving consent], some trace of alcohol would be expected. This most certainly applies in cases of seriously drunk drivers. The victim suggested that a drink may have been spiked. Yet the prosecution made no mention of any such discovery in the blood samples.

    An appeal made by Mr Evans against the verdict has failed but the case is being fast tracked by the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

    To those who deem Mr Evans a serious criminal due to his rape conviction, be assured that had this been a violent rape Mr Evans would not be at liberty today.

    Unless the conviction is overturned, Mr Evans is unlikely to play professional football in the UK again as all football clubs depend so heavily on sponsors and advertising and Mr Evans is now regarded as a “toxic asset.”

    As for alternative employment this young man appears to have little or no experience or qualifications outside football. A criminal conviction such as his means that he will be permanently unable to gain employment in areas such as sports and fitness establishments as he would be dealing with the public. This also applies to positions such as a plumber – for which he would have to train.

    Mr Evans one hope of any chance of a well paid position lies with the CCRC.

    British Gazette Readers may wish to visit Mr Evan’s website: http://www.chedevans.com/

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