• Just Deserts or Father forgive them?


    British Gazette Comment: Readers are warned that the above video is VERY graphic and contains images that no terrestrial broadcaster in the UK would broadcast.

    A suicide bomber was shot dead by Israeli forces, Muslims took up his body and started protesting and these Dumbos did not know that that suicide belt was still tied to the bomber body they were carrying….. what happened next is in the video above.

    This video was posted on Facebook and naturally the comments are generally acerbic.

    This event having occurred within what many refer to as “The Holy Land” one might ask what the reaction of the Good Lord would be.

    Sorrow more than anger one would guess. His command is to love one’s enemies and to forgive them. One has to suggest that such bigoted cretins such as those in the video now late of this world are particularly difficult to admire, let alone love or even forgive. But then He went to the Cross and forgave while hanging there in agony.

    But then He who created Creation has a logic that exceeds and transcends all others. But then if one is capable of creating Creation, you would have that ability wouldn’t you. What is clear to us mortals is this:

    If we merely continue with one act of vicious retribution with another we will only create a living (and dying) Hell here on Earth.

    It is completely beyond the very limited abilities of this organ’s Editor to feel little by way of sympathy or compassion for these individuals but we do accept the logic of the Almighty’s argument.

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